Candy Train Holiday Craft

With Christmas being just days away you may need a way to occupy your little ones until the big moment arrives. With candy and crafts of course. I made this Candy Train Holiday Craft last year with my son, when he was just 1.5 years old, but it's probably best suited for kids ages 2 and older. The best part of all? The kids can eat it when they are done. Candy Train Supplies (per train) 3 Full candy bars - Milky Way, Three Musketeer and Snickers work well 2 Gum Drops 1 Candy Orange Slice 1 Hersey's Kiss 18 Red Hots glued with frosting to 18 peppermint candies 1 Resse's Mini Peanut Butter Cup 3-5 Pieces of black licorice 8-10 Gummy Bears 3-5 Starbursts A handful of M&M's 1 Lifesaver 1 Red Hot 2 Pieces of Rope Licorice White frosting (from a can or … [Read more...]

Thumb Print Flowers – Crafts for kids 2 years and older

Summer may be fading quickly away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create reminders of sunnier, warmer days. With help from these cute Thumb Print Flowers, each as unique as your child, it will feel like summer year round. Supplies Colored construction paper Stamp pads (washable) or paint Pipe cleaners, green Scissors Hole puncher Create Cut various flower shapes out of the construction paper. Make them as large or as small as you want, or create a variety of different shapes and sizes for a fun bouquet. Punch a hole in the middle of each flower. Let your kids go crazy adding thumb (and finger) prints on each flower. Use as many or as few colors as you want. Once the flowers have dried, create a pipe cleaner “stem”. Thread the pipe clean through the hole in the … [Read more...]

Design Your Own Baseball Hat – Crafts for kids 2 years and older

Designing baseball hats  is perfect for both girls and boys!  It lets kids get creative on their clothes, without getting into trouble. What more could a kid ask for? And when they are all done, they will have a one-of-a-kind baseball hat to show off. Supplies for Designing Your Own Baseball Cap Plain, white baseball hat, young child size Fabric paints Creating Your Own Baseball Cap Create a space on the kitchen table for your kids to work. You may want to cover it with old newspapers or a plastic tablecloth. Set out the fabric paints and hat, and let your kids colors, write, draw and scribble until they have designed their perfect hat. More Ideas for Designing Your Own Baseball Cap Have some pictures ready for your kids to draw. Maybe they have a favorite flower, pet … [Read more...]

Stained Glass Easter Egg Craft

Easter is just around the corner, get in the spirit with this Stained Glass Easter Egg craft. This craft is fun for toddlers on up. Plus, you won't have dozens of eggs to eat when you are done. Supplies Egg pattern (download the PDF pattern) White or ivory cardstock, 8.5 x 11 Tissue paper in multiple colors (pinks, blues, yellows and greens work best) Scissors Glue stick Optional: glitter Optional: laminating paper Hole puncher Ribbon Assemble Cut the tissue paper into multiple shapes. Rectangle, squares, triangles, circles, ovals, etc. They don't have to be perfect. Make both large and small shapes. Print out the egg pattern on the white or ivory cardstock paper. Have your child glue the pieces of tissue paper onto the egg with the glue stick. They can glue as … [Read more...]