26 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Crafty Mom

Is your mother crafty? Are you crafty? No, I not asking if your mother is sly and sneaky (let's hope not because obviously) but crafty in the form of loving yarn, paper, fabric, buttons, scissors, glue and thread! If you or any of the important women in your world enjoy the aforementioned items, we're in your corner! Here are 26 ways to brighten Mother's Day with gifts she'll be able to use in all of her crafty endeavors (of the fiber, glitter, markers and ribbon variety, of course) throughout the year. Snag her one of the big items or group together some of the smaller ones and you'll be giving her a spectacular gift full of sparkly handmade goodness! /1/ Handcrafted Monkey Knitting Needles /2/ Yarn-tainer Storage Jar /3/ Handmade Row Counter /4/ Cable Needles, 3-pack with … [Read more...]

10 Best Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day is only weeks away, which means it's time to start thinking of ways to ensure the special women in our lives feel appreciated on that sunny day in May. I always have big plans for creative endeavors and every year end up ordering generic flowers the Friday before Mother's Day. Major daughter fail. This year isn't looking to be much different, so I've decided to enlist the help of other creative people in the process of bestowing upon my lovely mom (and mother in law!) special tokens of my daughterly affection. Want to do the same but need some inspiration? You're in luck! I've gathered a few of my favorite items from some of the best handmade sellers online. Their wares are beautiful, practical and meaningful and are perfect gifts for any woman - mother, grandmother, … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Decorate Using Book Pages

Old books are dreamy, aren't they? We love the idea of using book pages in our home decorating! We've found ten beautiful ways to use old book pages, on our walls, in our wrapping, and even as wallpaper! //1// This post from The Nester is overflowing with inspiration for book page decor, but our favorite is this gorgeous crafted wreath. It would look amazing on any wall! (TheNester.com) //2// Using old books as candle holders not only looks beautiful, but adding a taller book in the middle will transform your candelabra into a seasonally appropriate menorah. (Juniper Books) //3// A candle jar wrapped in words will add a bit of appeal to your decor. Such a simple way to make your home cozy and pretty! (Think Crafts) //4// Needing wall art full of character? Just frame your favorite book! … [Read more...]

12 Felt Bunny Crafts

Happy first day of spring! We're ushering out the chill of winter and welcoming spring's warmth with open arms! Easter is a few weeks away, so it seems fitting to celebrate the season with crafts featuring one of our favorite signs of springtime - bunnies! //1// Fill a felt bag with candy for your favorite person! Bunny Candy Bags at Mer Mag //2// A string of bunnies across a mantle, shelf or wall would brighten any decor, wouldn't it? Bunny Garland at The Sweetest Occasion //3// Want to give your hairstyle a little extra "hop?" Clip in these tiny bunny ears. So cute! Tiny Bunny Ear Hairclip at Holloughby //4// Teach your small folk the words to Little Bunny Foo-Foo or Snuggle Bunny with these adorable finger puppets. White Bunny Rabbit Finger Puppets at The Purl Bee  //5// This … [Read more...]

Let’s Change The World – 40 Days Of Water

Did you know it's possible to change the world with just $1 a day? It's true. $1 a day provides a year of clean drinking water for a person in Africa. Most of us spend more than that each day on our morning coffee alone. What if we could, for a set amount of time, re-purpose that money to make a difference in our world? Several of us have partnered with Blood:Water Mission's 40 Days initiative to do just that. By giving up our fancy lattes, lunchtime sodas, and evening glasses of wine and donating the dollars saved over the 40 days between February 13 and March 30, we're building six wells in Uganda and providing water to entire villages. You can join us by donating what you can. Did you know 1$ can provide an African with clean water for a … [Read more...]

How To Make A No-Knit Scarf!

Wondering how to make a DIY scarf that you won't have to knit? Winter remains our chilly companion but with the cold season coming to a close in a month or two, even people who do yarn craft don't have time to make new cold weather accessories before it's too warm to wear them. Try any of these five no-knit tutorials and patterns. You'll have an adorable new scarf in a jiffy! Braided Sweater Scarf at Just Another Day In Paradise  Draped Braided Scarf at Nette Vivante  Long Finger Knit Rope Scarf at Craftsy Chunky Twisted Scarf at Honestly Knotted N0-Knit Scarf at Martha Stewart  Have you tried your hand at making your own winter accessories? Let us know in the comments and keep warm out there! … [Read more...]