50 Sensational Summer Crafts for Kids

So, how to keep the kids busy on a long summer day? Try some of these fabulous activities we've rounded up as our favorite summer crafts for kids. Or, when the occasion calls for it, send the list to grandma. Indoor Crafts 1. Be prepared to display their artwork with these super cute clothespin airplanes - a magnet on the back or a string on the wall will make a great landing strip for your kids' airplanes holding precious, handmade cargo. 2. There are plenty of indoor preschool crafts out there, so even the littlest never have to be left out. 3. Alphabet bean bags are a great project for a beginner sewer or a fun mommy-and-me collaborative project with lots of fun - and learning! - left to be had after the project is over. 4. Tissue box monsters will show off originality and … [Read more...]

How to Cook Vegetables

"Eat your vegetables!" Sounds simple enough. But did anyone tell you how to eat your vegetables? Raw is great for your health and a quick, satisfying snack...but let's not be boring about things. When it comes to vegetables, there really is no wrong way to eat them. Some kinds are more conducive to certain cooking methods, though, so let's look at some ways we can cook 'em up! Steam, Blanche or Boil? For most vegetables, the longer they cook the more nutrients are lost. Steaming seals them in much better than if they are soaking and boiling in water for a long period of time. Steamed veggies look delicious, too, as it brings out the color in an incredible way. To keep flavor (and nutrients!) high, check them when their color is super bright- you will probably find that they are … [Read more...]