Tween Halloween Costume: Homemade Minnie Mouse

Finding Age-Appropriate Halloween Costumes Why do Halloween Costumes for teenagers always  look like streetwalkers? My 12-yr-old daughter wants to be Minnie Mouse this year. She and I hopped online and began searching for costumes. And the first two options we came across were: Yeah. Neither of those are going to work. The left came from Kohl’s. And while it would be great for a 3-year-old, my nearly teen was NOT impressed. Plus it cost a whopping $49! That’s a bit steep for my budget! I don’t really have to talk about the one on the right. The title says it all: "Sexy Minnie Mouse Costume." Crazy. And wrong. I did come across a possibility from the Disney store online: Maybe if she wore black leggings this would be okay?? And the price was decent, $25 on sale. Oh … [Read more...]