Simple Spring Vase

If we are really honest with ourselves, about this time every year we are ready for spring. With April showers bringing May flowers just around the corner, March can not pass soon enough. With this super simple vase tutorial, you can bring a little spring into your home even if the actual season is still lurking around the corner. What You Need To Make the Mason Jar Vase This Mason Jar Vase is super simple. All you need is: a mason jar (any size will do) spray paint (color of your choice) and (not pictured) Modge Podge to seal it. How to Make the Mason Jar Vase 1. First wash your Mason jar and make sure it is really dry -- if it is still even a little wet when you spray paint it, the spray paint will run. 2. Spray paint inside the jar. This is the fun part! You … [Read more...]

Easy Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

I remember growing up we did not do a lot of trick-or-treating. We did, however, go to “Hallelujah Night “ or “Fall Festival” parties thrown by local churches (and sometimes we would hit up two or three of these “parties”. Oh, we were all about the candy!) I also remember how the brothers and I always had to go as a Bible character (had to as in that is what we wanted to be not simply had to). Most of the time, my brothers wanted to go as Shepherds. Mom grabbed a bathrobe and rope, a pillowcase for head garb and found a stick out in the yard to be used as a staff (and just sometimes my brothers would be ultra cool and hide a water gun under their robes as well). One year, Mom made the Christian Solider from Ephesians 6 costume out of a can of silver spray paint and cardboard. That … [Read more...]

The Easter Tree

This Easter tree is a simple decoration for the season, while also providing fun entertainment for the whole family. Balloon and Glue Yarn Eggs To make the eggs for the bottom of the tree, you will need the following: balloon embroidery floss (or yarn) glue water (mix equal parts of both water and glue) - Just throw both in a bowl and stir until it is well mixed. 1. Blow up your balloons. You want them to be smallish and a little oval. Seriously... this will be the hardest thing of this project (blowing air into small balloons = hard). 2. Take a color of floss and submerge it in your glue water. Just let it fall where it may. If you try to neatly wrap it and then submerge it, it becomes a knotted mess -- getting knots out of very wet and sticky string is not … [Read more...]

How to Make a Mardi Gras Mask for a Toddler

Gather your supplies! Mardi Gras is all about the glitz and glam so lots of glitter and sequins! You will also need glue, construction paper, scissors, a hole punch, and ribbon. Choose the color you want your mask to be (we are doing orange). Fold your paper in half and place your toddler's hand on the fold. Trace around your toddler's hand. Cut your child's hand out of the paper, being careful not to cut on the fold. … [Read more...]

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8 DIY Handmade Christmas Cards

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Quoting my favorite Lola and Charlie book "It is my favorite and my best." One of the best times about this time of year is the Christmas cards that pour in (okay, maybe they don't pour in, but I really wish they did!) What better way to make a lasting impression on the receiver then to send out hand made Christmas cards this year! Below are links to super simple, yet beautiful Christmas cards that you can make yourself this year. Beautiful Accordion Fold photo card Kid Friendly Christmas Card Boxed Christmas Card Button Christmas Card Thumbprint Christmas Card String Christmas Tree Card Christmas Wreath card Felt Christmas Card I hope these handmade Christmas cards sparked ideas to make your Christmas that much more special this … [Read more...]

Helping Kids Get Creative With Scrapbooking: The Everything Goes Scrapbook

I love scrapbooking. I love the fact that scrapbooking is keeping memories of a particular moment in time. I get giddy when young kids show an interest in scrapbooking. I have a five year old cousin that absolutely adores scrapbooking -- even if it is just cutting paper and gluing them in random places on a sheet of paper and adding pictures of family members. The Everything Goes Scrapbook is a theory I have devised over the course of this year. As my family was moving, I did not have access to my "normal" sized album, papers, page protectors, and tools, but did not want this year to pass away without documenting it in some way. Take one year (or month or week) and collect things of life. Literally everything goes into the Everything Goes Scrapbook -- which is why it is so perfect for a … [Read more...]