7 Succulent Gardens You Can Create

Succulent gardens are perfect for those with-and without- green thumbs. They take less watering than the average garden, require far less maintenance, and are pretty forgiving when it comes to soil. Best of all? They come in a wide variety of colors and are sure to add amazing texture and interest to any garden. Upcycling and succulent gardening? An all-around win! This succulent pallet garden by Justina Blakeney is divine. Boxes full of succulents! Clever ideas like this just always make me happy. From Design Sponge's Teeny Tiny Gardening interview. Vertical garden of succulents by Flora Grubb Gardens, complete with a very thorough DIY tutorial.  Love the idea, and it could work in any type of decor, from modern to country and everything in between. Adorable tabletop bowl full … [Read more...]

Spring Porch and Patio Decor Inspirations

Warm winds are blowing; if it isn't already, soon it will be time to open up those windows and let the fresh air in. Even better will be spending time outdoors on porches and patios. Whether a front, back, side, or balcony, outdoor spaces extend livable areas and help us connect with nature. Looking forward to sprucing up your porch or patio in anticipation of the warm months? Here are some fabulous examples to get you started! Decorate a back porch table with books in birdcage like this creation by Thistlewood Farms. A fire pit, pillows, and throw make a perfectly cozy conversation area as here by Coordinately Yours.   [sc:adsense ] Dramatic porch with curtains accented by lovely potted plants by French Country Cottage. Black and white farmhouse porch makes a … [Read more...]

7 Incredibly Creative Flower Gardens

Those April showers did their trick! May flowers are blooming everywhere. Now that the weather is warmer, we're going to be seeing color blossoms on trees, bushes, and in garden beds. Need a little inspiration to bring some of this color to your own garden or yard? We've got some gorgeous eye candy in the form of creative flower gardens for you that will do just that! Flowers spilling out of flower pot by Interior Holic. Gorgeous, huh? The link has a tutorial as well, so you can have the look yourself. Mossy and flowery chair by Oscar Mora. This is magical; would look lovely tucked into a glower bed or under a weeping willow tree. Wooden chair recycled as planter from FittoGarden's Flickr. Could this be more adorable? Could work with almost any type of wooden chair. [sc:adsense … [Read more...]

This is #Mamming

#Mamming is the passion project of two women who want to help women embrace the awkwardness of mammograms with the goal of inspiring women to go beyond breast cancer awareness and take action with early detection – specifically mammograms. It's like #planking for a good cause! And?  This video is hysterical! For more information, check out their website This is Mamming.       … [Read more...]

Display Your Books In Unexpected Ways

A wonderful thing about books (well, besides reading them!) is that they make for great decorating accessories, especially when they can be displayed in unexpected ways. Books are both warm and graphic at the same time and can compliment any decorating scheme.  Their familiarity lends them a comforting air, while their rectangular shape makes for a visual pop. We've got some unusual and inspiring ways to get those books off the shelves and into your decorating. Top Tips for Displaying Books in Unexpected Ways: Tuck books into nooks and crannies; these are great places to store items and create a "WOW!" moment. Sometimes a nook can be a birdcage like in this charming tablescape (Source: Thistlewood Farms)...it could also be above kitchen cabinets or the top of an armoire, Find … [Read more...]

9 Iconic American Images

Most photographers have, at their core, a strong desire to document the world around them for posterity's sake.  Some of us lean towards capturing beauty in the world, others towards events or people or concepts or cityscapes or nature. But the common denominator is almost always a basic desire to capture and hold onto a moment in time.  In honor of this enjoy the following iconic images of the United States. Ansel Adam's famous image of Yomesite's Half-Dome and the Merced River during winter. Adams photographed Half-Dome many times, this is one of the most famous, along with Half-Dome and Moon. Apollo Moon Landing...one giant step for mankind! Depression-Era Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange. The woman's name is Florence Owens Thompson; she was 32 at the time this photograph was taken, … [Read more...]