7 Creative DIY Curtains and Window Treatments

You know that window you keep meaning to change? That one that looks fine the way it is but just doesn't have the personality you'd like? You don't have to break the bank with high-priced curtains and window treatments; we've found some gorgeous DIY projects for you that will bring some serious WOW to your home decor! How cute are these striped curtains by the Frugal Homemaker? LOVE them and their graphic punch! This tutorial by Kojo Designs is incredible. The flutter curtains will bring an element of drama and whimsey to any room. Totally love these hand painted curtains by A Home Full of Color. They are simple yet sophisticated...always a great thing! Add some texture to your room with these burlap window curtains by Kitchen Scratch. It's an easy tutorial, and even better- … [Read more...]

World’s 7 Most Spectacular Dream Pools

Summertime, and the livin's easy. Right? Well, it most certainly is if you're kicking back at one of the seven most spectacular pools the world has to offer. From Chile to Australia, if you're lucky enough to be in one of these pools, you're doing something right. PS- send an invitation! Yup. That is a pool. Oh, not just the part under the glass pyramid. The part with the sailboat as well.  This is San Alfonso del Mar's pool in Chile; it holds 250 million liters of water and is over a kilometer in length. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the world’s largest crystalline water pool. Image source. You'll be on cloud nine swimming in this pool at what's known as the Melbourne Cloud House. Heavenly. Image source. This lovely indoor-outdoor pool reminds me of a … [Read more...]

6 Scent-Sational Things To Do With Lavender Flowers

Even if you aren't lucky enough to have a garden bursting with lavender flowers, you might be able to find it at a local gardening store, or perhaps even the flower section of your favorite grocer. Alternatively, you can likely find lavender bunches at a farmer's market, florist, or organic gift shop. What to do with all of those lovely smelling, purple flowers to hold onto that fragrance for as long as possible? Perhaps make lavender essential oil (technically an extract), as shown in this tutorial by Condo Blues. Use it in natural cleaners, recipes, or bath products from there. Have some organic lavender? Try this mouth-watering lavender and onion side dish. From Veggie Belly. Thrifty moisturizing bath soak recipe...looks divine. Tutorial by Sweetwater Style. Let's not … [Read more...]

Greenery for Vases {Leaves are the New Flower}

Summer is here! Let's bring a little bit of it indoors with a glass vase full of greenery. While flowers are always lovely, sometimes what's in order is a vase full of the different hues and textures only greenery can provide. Forget brown is the new black...greenery is the new flower. Whether a centerpiece or just an accent on a table, these greenery for vases ideas are sure to please. Plus you don't need to have a clipping garden or spend a fortune at the florist! I'm love love LOVING this tight little bundle of leaves that are bursting forth as a mini-bouquet. I don't know what the leaves are, but I'm thinking this would work very well with something like basil...and have the added bonus of smelling divine. Image from Style Me Pretty. Oversized leaves and tall branches make a … [Read more...]

13 Ultimate DIY Outdoor Lighting Inspirations

Few things alter mood light lighting; yet too we don't often think of adding accent lights to our outdoor spaces. However, even during the daytime you can add ambiance and sparkle to your garden, porch, and patios. And at night? Watch out. Lighting will transform and add magic to any outdoor living areas. You don't need to break the bank purchasing fabulous lanterns and such; here are thirteen amazing DIY tutorials. Keep in mind, some of these are better for enclosed or covered areas to shield them from rain, but all are undeniably gorgeous! Grapevine spheres tutorial by All Things Heart and Home. The way they sparkle is just enchanting. Vintage insulator by Hayseed Homemakin' (notice the colander in background used for porch lighting as well...so clever!). DIY safe tree lights … [Read more...]

9 Recipes for Fresh Homemade Salsa

Today I'm sharing with you 9 recipes for fresh homemade salsa. Its the perfect time of year. Is your garden bursting with ripe tomatoes and other veggies? Does your local farmer's market and the produce aisle of your grocery store have all kinds of tempting vegetables on display? One of the healthiest- and most yummy- things you can do with this bounty is create salsa. Bowls full of delicious, raw (or mostly raw) vegetables just waiting to be scooped up? YAY! Sometimes I skip the chips eat it with a spoon; using sliced bell peppers as a scoop is also a great option, as is using some butter or romaine lettuce as a wrap and eating it like a 100% vegetable burrito. Need some inspiration? Here are a few of my personal favorite salsa recipes: Artichoke Salsa by Recipe … [Read more...]