How to Incorporate the Hottest Color in Design: Black

Black isn't just for little dresses. It's the hottest color in design these days, popping up on wallpapers, fabrics, accessories, and furniture. Just like the little black dress, black in interior design can be formal or funky, dressed up or down, and can work with any individual style. As an interior design trend, black is usually being seen either seen in bold, graphic black-and-white patterns or on items entirely covered in a glossy black finish.  The one unifying theme is the use of simple, clean lines in the designs. The fun thing about this trend is that it's particularly easy to incorporate it into any home's interior.  Little punches of black here and there are  attention-grabbing statements...add a few to a room and it will give it a fresh, updated feeling. Some of the … [Read more...]

Interior Design Tips for Small Space Entertaining

Living in a small home shouldn't prevent one from inviting friends and loved ones over to share meals and time together.  With a tad of planning and creativity, entertaining in a small space can be just as satisfying and fun of an experience as when you are living large. Furniture Is For Moving Rethink your furniture arrangement ; can things be shifted for the party to better suit the event?  The way you live with your furniture on a day-to-day basis doesn't need to be how things are set up for when you are entertaining.  Consider  freeing up floor space for people to mingle about, and create conversation areas for groups of two or three to cluster. Stash furniture you want out of the way in bedrooms; this makes a great spot to put the coats and purses of your guests. Create Hover … [Read more...]

Decorating an Outdoor Eating Area

It's that time of year...your daily activities spill out onto your patio, porches, lawn and gardens.  Decorating your outside living areas is a great opportunity to infuse your personality in an area that you're probably going to be spending a lot of time. But how to decorate outdoors? A great place to start is your eating area; as the most-used space you will get the most bang for your decorating effort there. The first thing to keep in mind is that the beauty of decorating without walls is that you can designate any spot for any activity just by placing furniture and other items there. A little gravel-floored nook nestled amidst flowers and greenery is a lovely spot for a quiet breakfast or afternoon tea. A lounge chair and side table in the sun, speaks of relaxation and of sipping … [Read more...]

Start Developing Healthy Eating Habits for your Family!

It's never too early to establish healthy eating habits for your children; this extends from selecting selecting nutrient-rich food to regular meal-times together.  I found this wonderful over at Kid's Health.  It is chock full of sage advice!  Bon Appetite!  An excerpt: Have regular family meals. Serve a variety of healthy foods and snacks. Be a role model by eating healthy yourself. Avoid battles over food. Involve kids in the process. … [Read more...]