How To Make a Blog Header for Free

A Tutorial on how to make a blog banner using Picasa instead of something fancy and complicated like Photoshop Want a free and easy way to make your Blogger blog look more original and professional? I did. I was desperate and didn't want to pay for a blog designer, and didn't have time to learn Photoshop. I also LOVE the design process of changing things up once a month. So I came up with this very easy tutorial for you using a free program we can all use. Picasa. First you need to download Picasa. It’s free and relatively simple to get your pictures into Picasa. Picasa is 'made' by Google and it won't make your computer blow up, or slow down, or act really weird. I really love using it and I've tried almost everything. I think this is the best (and most self-explanatory) FREE … [Read more...]