Photoshop Elements 6 Hack

As a fairly new photographer and business owner, I have to watch carefully how I spend my money. One of the things I have yet to invest in is the top of the line Photoshop CS3. I have many photographer friends who own PS CS3. I envy that... but! I am also very content with what I have. Photoshop Elements is a fraction of the cost and can still do amazing things. One of the things people miss are the "Actions," aka "Filters." Actions are wonderful at giving a photograph a different look with the click of a button! Most people don't know how to download and apply new Actions to their Photoshop program. Through the help of a wonderful Flickr group geared towards us PSE peoples, :-) I have found a hack. Totally legal, I must add! 1. Find some FREE actions. A great resource … [Read more...]

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