Make a Homemade Magnetic Fishing Game

You've seen those electronic fishing games right? Not suitable for young children and annoyingly loud. Well, this fishing set is sure to be a Summer Boredom Buster! DIY Magnetic Fishing Game Supplies You'll Need: 1 sheet of paper for the pattern pen to mark out a pattern fabric (I used 4 coordinating fat quarters and had loads left over) pins sewing machine leather cord (can substitute with yarn or twine) 1" circular magnets hot glue gun scissors fray check stuffing (instead of buying stuffing you can use an old pillow) 1" dowel How to Put the Cloth Fish Together 1. Trace a fish pattern onto paper. The simpler the better! Make it a little wider than you think it needs to be for seam allowance. 2. Cut pattern out of paper then use it to cut out the fish. … [Read more...]