DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own Diaper Sprayer

After getting fed up with poopy cloth diapers (even with my awesome flushable liners I use), I decided it was time to look into a diaper sprayer, which is basically a kitchen sink sprayer on a hose which attaches to the toilet’s water line. I wasn’t interested in buying one for $40 from the diaper companies, so we started looking online on how to make one ourselves. Unfortunately I only found a couple of tutorials, with no pictures! So, my husband, Moondoggie, wrote up a step-by-step tutorial on making your own for about half the cost. These parts came out to around $20 at Home Depot and it took maybe 20 minutes to assemble. So without further ado, here’s Moondoggie. So Gidget told me one day that she was sick of sticking her hands in the toilet to get Chiquita’s poop off those cloth … [Read more...]

10 Great Craft Tutorial Sites

One of the great thing about Web 2.0 is all the amazing tutorials that are out there for us crafters. Here are 10 places to find awesome FREE craft tutorials that I’ve come across recently. These could be great tools for making homemade gifts or a li’l somethin’ somethin’ for yourself!! The amazing Amy Butler is now offering free patterns for download! There’s a button you can click at the bottom of her home page. If you know who she is, you’ll think this is awesome, otherwise check her out and you’ll see why she’s awesome! Peptogirl is starting a series called “Handmade for the Holidays,” starting with this cute button ring tutorial! She's had several fun ones since and I’d check back to see what else she posts in the future; I know I’m going to. Just Tutes has a lot of great … [Read more...]