What Is Your Body Type?

Every stylist will agree, the best fashion advice is to dress for your body type. But how do you know what your body type is? GET OUT THE MEASURING TAPE! The numbers don’t lie. 8 out of 10 women I have consulted with over the years (and there have been thousands) tell me at first blush their body-shape is X or Y. And, most of those women are wrong. Rather than argue with them, I’ve learned to get out the pink measuring tape, a piece of paper, and a stick drawing of a woman…and start measuring! Got your measuring tape? You will want to take measurements of: Your shoulders (with your hands to your sides) – you might need some help with this one Your bust line Your rib (right under your bust line) Your high waist – natural waist Your low waist – belly button high High … [Read more...]

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Some people have a fear of public speaking.Others fear spiders, the dark, snakes.Me?I fear costumes. I tried wearing my regular jeans and heels to Halloween parties, and saying that I was dressed up as a ‘designer’s rep’ – that didn’t cut it (since at the time, that WAS my job).Then there was the year that a boyfriend and I dressed up as the American Flag.I wore all white, and he wore all blue.With red construction paper, we cut thick strips and double stick taped them to my clothes.We found gold stars at a party supply store, and double stick taped those to his clothes.Simple, but creative. Need Last Minute Costume Ideas? If you or your kids have been putting off figuring out what to dress up as for Halloween, here are some simple ideas: Gum stuck to the Bottom of a Shoe - wear … [Read more...]

How Clothes Should Fit

How your garments should fit The most common clothing issue I see with women is poorly fitting clothing.My goal with most of my clients is to simply get them into clothing that fits properly.In doing that, they will instantly look thinner, stand a little taller, exude confidence – and of course, be accepting tons of compliments. Clothing that doesn’t fit properly will add bulk, bring attention to problem areas, and completely camouflage the best aspects of your figure.It can make you look older, give your appearance a dowdy edge, and make you look like you’ve gained weight! TOPS Long sleeved garments should hit just below the wrist bone with just a little ease (shouldn't be too tight or loose) Shoulders of any jacket, blouse or tee should be AT the shoulder – right where your … [Read more...]