The Categories Game for Families and Kids

This thinking game can be planned most anywhere – in the car, while waiting in line, at the dinner table. The Categories Game is easy and can be adapted for most any age group. Like Family Feud, players guess answers that fit a particular category, but there's no "survey says". The round goes on and on until players run out of ideas. Try playing it with the kids on your next family road trip or while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or oil change. Best of all, no supplies are required. The Categories Game can be played anywhere, anytime. What is The Categories Game? The Categories Game will have your kids searching their brains for items that fit a certain category. Some rounds will last ten minutes and others will last for hours, depending on the category selected. When … [Read more...]

Building Structures: Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

Need educational activities for kids to stay busy and engaged for long periods of time? Part engineering experiment and part artistic exploration, structure building can be accomplished using everyday items from the kitchen, linen closet and recycling bin. Kids won’t likely be bored while creating unique and interesting structures of all sizes. Building Structures into Geodesic Shapes Geodesic shapes such as cubes and pyramids will result when the building materials are long tubes and squishy connectors. Great combinations for building geodesic shapes are: Dry spaghetti noodles and mini marshmallows, Plasticine or play dough ( kids can roll it into balls) Toothpicks and mini marshmallows, gumdrops or bag of frozen peas Plastic straws and large marshmallows Note: … [Read more...]

Fun Ways to Teach Kids Ages 4-8 about Weights and Measures

May 20 celebrates the day that the International Bureau of Weights and Measures was established in 1875. Parents can teach kids to notice measurement concepts by trying one or more of the hands-on “around the house” activities listed below. One of the best ways to teach kids about weights and measures is to give children real life experiences involving hands-on practice on a regular basis. Kids won’t be able to say no to scavenger hunt games, cooking ventures and other fun ways to learn measurement concepts. Learning about weights and measures will be more relevant to kids when they experience how measurement relates to their everyday lives. Fun Ways to Teach Kids about Weights and Measures Cooking Activities Using Measurement: Teach kids cooking skills and measurement concepts at … [Read more...]