How To Make an Easy DIY Compost Bin

Composting, you have probably thought about it.  Visions of a giant heap in your backyard that is smelly turn you off from the idea, though.  Or maybe townhome, condo, or apartment living restricts you from even attempting it. Well not any longer. This very simple compost bin gives you the opportunity to try composting without too much commitment, cost, or space needed.  It will debunk some of your ideas about composting. SUPPLIES Storage bin (the darker the color the better) Drill Yes, that is all you truly need to make this bin.  You can borrow a drill if you do not have one of your own.  Storage bins are around $5 at your local mass merchant store, but if you have one that has a crack or hole it and no longer functions properly as a storage bin, you can just use … [Read more...]

How Snowflakes Form: Homeschool Lesson Plan

Like it or not, it's the beginning of winter.  Some of us have snow and others don't.  Snowflakes are one of the tiniest miracles and a perfect opportunity to introduce science into your lesson plan.  Everyone knows that each snowflake is different, but do you know how they are made?  Here are some ideas for your homeschool lesson plan. Books About Snowflakes Kenneth Libbrecht has numerous books about snowflakes and their beauty.  I highly recommend The Secret Life of a Snowflake: An Up-Close Look at the Art and Science of Snowflakes  and Ken Libbrecht's Field Guide to Snowflakes. Image credit and link sources: Amazon  These books easily explain the formation of ice crystals into snowflakes, not to mention they are full of beautiful images.  The books will even help you learn which … [Read more...]

Easter Craft: Easy Easter Decorations

Easter crafts that your children can make CAN become an actual decoration in your house, not just a keepsake.  Using an old gift bag and tissue paper, we created two really cute wall hangings. SUPPLIES NEEDED: Gift bag (old or new) Tissue paper (old or new - it is going to get crumpled) Glue Construction paper Old cardboard or foam board Tape Scissors PREPARING YOUR CRAFT SUPPLIES: The crucial key to a successful craft with your children is to have the supplies all ready.  Your children will lose interest quickly if they have to sit still and watch Mommy do a bunch of gathering and sorting. Trace a circle from a plate for the chick decoration. I suggest using yellow paper to keep the chick all one color. Draw a decorated egg on construction paper.  … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Heart Homemade Gummies

Store bought gummie candy full of preservatives are not really my ideal snack.  Now you can make your own homemade gummies with the kids and turn it into a fun craft activity with a delicious treat at the end. Ingredients for Homemade Gummies 3 oz package of flavored gelatin 2 small packets of unflavored gelatin 1/3 cup of water Silicone ice cube trays or plastic candy molds These heart shape silicone ice cube trays were purchased at Target and at IKEA.  There were a dollar each. Mixing Homemade Gummies Have your child pour 1/3 cup water into a saucepan.  No need to heat it, just plain cold water will be fine.  Then have them add the two packets of unflavored gelatin. Have your child carefully pour the flavored gelatin into the saucepan next.  Stir slightly … [Read more...]

Tips for Creating a Halloween Mantle

Halloween is quickly approaching and decorating for the holiday is so much fun.  With decorating windows, doorways, porches, and yards it may be easy to forget a focal point of your living room...your fireplace.  Here are some tips to help create an interesting and fun decorative area.   INCLUDE THE ENTIRE SCENE It is easy to just focus on the mantle or piano top, but step back and see the entire scene.  You want to include the area around the entire fireplace or piano. You can place items too large or heavy for the mantle on the floor or hearth.   VARYING HEIGHTS ADD INTEREST When placing your items on the mantle it is a good idea to vary levels of pieces to add interest and keep the eye moving along your entire scene.   [sc:adsense ] TEXTURES DRAW … [Read more...]

Homeschool Math Game: Swimming Pool Math Toss

Take learning outdoors with this fun way to make math come alive.  That kiddie pool isn't just for wading any longer.  Make the pool your new classroom this afternoon! GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES Frisbees Sponges Marker Yes, it is actually that easy and simple.  Prep time is simple and minimal, too. CREATING YOUR GAME Cut your sponges into manageable sizes for little hands.  These sponges were cut in half and measured about 3x4 inches. Write numbers on the under side of the frisbees with the marker. Write numbers or math equations on the sponges.  I have children at varying math skill levels and this activity is perfect to combine interaction with all of the children, but still meet their individual levels. I made sure to write numbers (and equations) on the … [Read more...]