UrthBox: Healthy Food, Snack Subscription

I feel the Urth move, under my feet… Snack time – for this gluten-sensitive mama, it’s a no-pleasure experience opening the pantry or snack cabinet in search of something to satisfy. Sometimes I’m seeking sweet. Sometimes it’s salty or savory. But almost all of the time I have to dig through an array of kid options, hoping that somewhere behind the pretzels, crackers and cheese puffs (I know, but these are organic!) there might be a treat for me. Do I sound a little whiney? Probably. I get that way when I’m hungry. Enter the monthly gift of Urthbox – a treasure trove of non-GMO, organic full-size goodies to delight the palate and not screw with a gluten-free diet! (In addition to Gluten-Free, they offer Diet, Classic & Vegan box options!) And try as I might to keep this … [Read more...]

A Halloween Party Spread

When planning a Halloween party one of the most important things you will be organizing is food.  Here are a few tips for preparing a Halloween party spread your guests will love. Party theme:  Keep these things in mind when preparing your party food. Do you have a theme for your party? Will there be children, or is this an adult or teenage party? Are you open to a pot luck? Do you prefer a sit down Halloween dinner party, or are finger foods and mingling the way you like to entertain? Here are some fun treats and tips that are simple, and bound to please. Beverage: Creamy Orange Punch Tip: Place beverage in a drink dispenser or large jug.  Using black card and removable poster tape attach a fun jack-o-lantern face to your dispenser. Ghost Marshmallow … [Read more...]

Tips To Entertain In Your Own Backyard

Many people are planning "stay-cations" instead of vacations this year, but don't let that stop you from having fun! Friends, food and fun equal a good time even in your own backyard. Here are some tips to ensure success: Keep the menu simple and abundant: Allow guest to build their own sandwiches, tacos, salads from a generous selection of ingredients. Iced-down steaks, chicken or shish kebabs guests can be selected for the grill by each guest and adds a nice touch to the DIY meal. Self-service bar: Filling a child's pool with ice, bottled beer and wine coolers as well as a pitcher of a favorite cocktail continues the self-service theme. Decorating an outdoor room: Wherever you stage your get together, don't forget to decorate. Potted plants and flowers liven up, and define, … [Read more...]

Mixing Antique and Traditional Furniture Styles

If one of your design resolutions this year was to stir up your furniture styles, remember that mixing and matching modern, contemporary pieces with more traditional antiques can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned designer or decorator. So why do it? Why try and mix and match modern pieces with their design counterparts, antiques? Because when it’s done right, combining contemporary furniture and accessories with antiques creates authentic, multi-layered and fascinating spaces. Remember, you should always design a space according to what you truly love. That being said, there are a few steps you can take to make things easier on yourself when tackling a project like trying to infuse old and new in one room. The first thing I suggest is to decide whether or not you … [Read more...]