Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

It's hard to believe Christmas is almost upon us! I've found some great DIY homemade gifts to share with you. Each one comes with a free printable! Blonde Designs have some easy holiday gift ideas with printable labels. Make a Christmas Song CD and print my festive label for your cover. Executive Homemaker (aka Laurie-Tip Junkie)has a list of 24 quick, easy, cheap gifts. Download a free printable with all the labels and poems. Make LollyChop's Hot Cocoa Mix. She has a great recipe and the cutest packaging you can print. Heather from Dollar Store Crafts and Cathe Holden teamed up to create these adorable 2010 Calendar Tea Towels. Want more ideas? Check out my complete list here. Have fun crafting! … [Read more...]

Chocolate Caramel Apples

Pretty caramel apples are always a great treat and super easy to make! Dipping them into your favorite candy bar makes them extra special. YUM! Ingredients: 1 bag Caramels 8 whole Apples 8 whole Wooden Sticks 3 bars Your Favorite Candy Bar 1 cup Melted Chocolate Chips [sc:adsense ] Directions: Melt the caramels in a microwave safe dish for about 3-5 minutes until melted. Put sticks in apples (you can use real sticks from outside for a rustic touch) Melt chocolate in microwave Chop up your candy bar Dip apples in caramel and roll in the candy bar Place on a pretty cupcake wrapper and pipe chocolate over your apple (use a plastic baggie for this, just cut the tip off the end) Enjoy!! … [Read more...]

Creative Photo Backdrop Ideas

When I entered this photo of my daughter in the I Heart Faces “laughter” photo challenge, I got a lot of questions about the pink background. Was I in a studio? Where did I find that pink backdrop? Here is my secret! The hardest part was keeping her on the right side of the blanket. It's way more fun to play behind it:-) There are lots of ways you can create your own in-home studio backdrop on a budget. 1. Find a location with good natural light. Face your backdrop towards the light source. I moved the crib near a window and made sure to open the shutters wide. 2. Be creative. Use a sheet, fabric, table cloth, or blanket. For $8-$50 (depending on size), you can get a e roll of seamless paper in any color. 3. Find an easy solution for hanging your … [Read more...]

Mini BBQ Beef Pies

Here is a yummy recipe the whole family will enjoy. It's also great football party food! 1 lb. Ground Beef (Ground Turkey Optional) 1 small onion diced 1-2 cups of BBQ Sauce (use as much as you like) 1/2 of a large red pepper diced 1/2 cup of chopped sweet potatoes (I used canned) 1 ear of corn 2 1/4 cups of Bisquick 2/3 cup of Milk 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese [sc:adsense ] Directions Preheat oven to 450° Add beef and onion to skillet and cook until done. Lower heat to simmer and mix in BBQ sauce, red pepper, sweet potato. Cut the corn off the ear of corn and add that to the mix. Mix Bisquick and milk in a bowl. Drop a spoonful of dough into a muffin tin. Repeat until you've used all the dough. Bake biscuits for about 2 minutes, then take out … [Read more...]

Tips and Free Printables for your After School Routine

I don’t know about yours, but my kid comes home from school starving! Before he can shut the door he’s probably asked "Where’s my snack?" or "What can I eat?" at least three times! He then races around the house like crazy looking for food. While this is going on, he throws his backpack, shoes and coat all over the kitchen. I’ve been trying to get him to calm down by putting snacks on the table ready for him to eat. But he scarfs that down in 2 seconds and the same wild scavenger hunt for food begins again. To find a solution, I had him help me think of three things he needs to do when he comes in the door BEFORE he asks for a snack. This is what he came up with: Hang up his backpack and coat. Wash his hands. Get out his school work to show me. [sc:adsense ] I then created … [Read more...]

Greek Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

This is my favorite cold pasta to make for 4th of July Parties. Enjoy! 1 pound Bow Tie Pasta 1 bunch Cherry Tomatoes 1 Cucumber, Peeled And Sliced 1 jar Pitted Calmata Olives, Whole Or Cut (a Small Jar) 2 Chicken Breasts, Cooked And Cubed. (I Like To Use Store Bought Rotisserie Chicken) 2-½ ounces Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (you May Need More, Depending On Your Taste) 1-2 teaspoons Black Pepper To Taste 1 pinch Salt, Or To Taste 1 container Feta Cheese Directions Cook 1 lb. bow tie pasta and run cold water over it to chill. Place in refrigerator for 10-15 minutes while you cook chicken. Mix in a large bowl: Chilled Pasta Cherry Tomatoes (sliced in half) Sliced Cucumber Pitted Calamata Olives (whole or cut) Cubed Chicken Feta Cheese Toss … [Read more...]