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Mandy is a boy mom, fountain coke lover, diy wanna-be. She believes in celebrating motherhood and creating a fun place for women to be inspired, share joy and love one another. She writes a lifestyle blog called House of Rose where she shares her love of home decor, diy tutorials, mommy mishaps and love for Jesus.

Decorate Your Mantel For Fall

This time of year makes me think of pumpkin spice candles and all things orange. I don't know if it's the temperature outside dropping or the fact that Christmas is right around the corner, but fall makes me giddy. When it comes to decorating your mantel for fall, you don't always have to think inside the box. In fact, most of the time it's when you think outside the box that you will create something beautiful. Let's take a look at a few different "outside the box" thinkers and how they created something gorgeous by being different. Using a mirror on a mantel is a great way to make the space bright and open. Centsational Girl did a fabulous job of mixing luxury with simple when she created her fall mantel. Simple with a statement is another way to do it. Not only does this Give … [Read more...]

Organize Your Home: The Beauty of Baskets

I constantly find myself buying baskets, bins and things that will help me stay organized. Whether it's metal hanging baskets for my mail or colorful bins for the kid's toys, I love the idea of being able to throw things in baskets. I like to call it "half hearted" organization because technically...when you throw things in baskets it's not necessarily fully organized. But it sure does do the trick of making you look like a professional organizer, right? {source} The simple act of taking 400 toys and divvying them up between a few different pretty baskets takes my chaotic playroom from looking like Toys-R-Us just exploded to a neatly cleaned kids area. I love the idea of taking an unused closet space and turning it into a craft area. Beneath My Heart made this space not only … [Read more...]