Is Private School Tuition Tax Deductible?

Parents who choose private school education for their children may wonder (especially around tax time!) if the costs can be deducted on federal or state taxes.  While some states (most recently, Louisiana) do offer some school tuition tax relief for families enrolled in private schools, the federal government does not make private school tuition tax deductible for all children, but there may be options for those with special needs diagnoses. IRS Deductions and Private Education According to the Internal Revenue Service, a student with special needs who has been diagnosed by a qualified medical or behavioral specialist, whose diagnosis and condition requires an education that cannot be provided by the public school and that is not funded by the school district may qualify for a … [Read more...]

Free Sample GED Practice Tests

Whether you're a parent making a choice to complete the General Educational Development (GED) diploma for yourself, or a homeschooling parent with a child who is ready to take the GED, study guides for the exam can really make the difference between passing on the first try or needing to retake one or more sections of the test. History of the GED In 1942 the American Council on Education created the GED at the request of the U.S. Army, which needed some kind of test to evaluate the education level of draftees during WWII. Army officials were chagrined to find that many soldiers lack basic general education skills, so the GED was used as a screening tool, and those soldiers who did not pass were given opportunities to learn. Now the GED is used as an alternative to the high school … [Read more...]