Painting with Sidewalk Chalk

Painting with sidewalk chalk is a fun new twist on an old classic!  I know most of the country is watching the leaves change color and snuggling up in cozy sweaters, but here in Florida we are just starting to enjoy our outdoor weather.  My kids had a blast painting our front walk, and I'm sure yours will love it too. Sidewalk Chalk Paint Ingredients: - Sidewalk chalk - Water Sidewalk Chalk Paint Instructions: - Grate chalk with a cheese grater - Add water until chalk becomes a paintable consistency. Looking for Something Even Easier? - Soak your chalk in water for about ten minutes and then draw with it.  You'll have much richer color and a consistency more like oil pastels! … [Read more...]

Greet Autumn in Style with Slow Cooker Apple Butter

We never had apple butter growing up, but eating it still makes me feel nostalgic.  Something about a creamy apple cinnamon spread over fresh biscuits makes me all warm and fuzzy.  This recipe is a breeze and yields enough to impress your whole neighborhood (or stockpile for yourself!). [sc:adsense ] Apple Butter Ingredients: - 15 large Red Delicious Apples - 3 cups sugar - 3 teaspoons cinnamon - pinch of salt Apple Butter Instructions: - Peel core & quarter the apples - Toss into slow cooker with all other ingredients - Cook on 'high' for one hour, then 'low' for about ten more hours - Remove the lid and stir, cook one more hour - Spoon into a blender or food processor and blend until smooth (be VERY careful, it will be HOT) - Can and save or … [Read more...]

Pine Cone & Peanut Butter Animal Feeder

Summer is the perfect time to try this Pine Cone Animal Feeder!  The weather is nice and the animals are out, take advantage of this easy kid friendly activity and teach your kids a lesson about nature. What You'll Need for the Pine Cone & Peanut Butter Animal Feeder: - A pine cone - Peanut butter - Bird seed - String or ribbon How to Make the Pine Cone & Peanut Butter Animal Feeder: - Tie your string to the top of your pine cone.  Make sure it's long enough to use for hanging later. - Lather your pine cone in peanut butter. - Roll your pine cone in bird seed. - Hang outdoors. Ideas For Your Pine Cone & Peanut Butter Animal Feeder: - Hang near a window so the kids can watch when animals come to taste their treat. - Give your … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Chia Pet – Craft Meets Classroom!

My kids are too young to 'officially' home school, but that doesn't mean we can't lay the ground work for their future education!  Regardless of whether you're choosing to teach at home or send your kids to school (we haven't decided yet!), this activity is fun and a great learning opportunity. Make Your Own Chia Pet - What You'll Need: - A small clear jar (I used a baby food jar) - Grass seed (I used Rye) - Dirt (just a handful from the yard) - Odds & ends for decorating (I used buttons, foam stickers, nail polish & ribbon) Make Your Own Chia Pet - How to Do It: - Moisten the soil & fill the jar 3/4ths of the way with moistened soil - Add grass seeds to the remaining moistened soil and add the seed/soil mixture to fill the remaining 1/4th … [Read more...]

Apple Un-Pie – Fancy Foods Made Easy!

This simple go-to recipe looks like a challenge but takes almost no effort at all!  Apples, cinnamon and a drizzle of honey combine for a fantastic treated served up hot or cold. Apple Un-Pie Ingredients: - Apples (one per serving) - Cinnamon - Vanilla (1/4th tsp per serving) - Honey (optional) Apple Un-Pie Instructions: - Cut apples into small cubes (I like the skin on, but you can peel if preferred) - Place apples in an oven safe dish, pour vanilla in and coat with cinnamon. Stir well. - Cover tightly with foil and bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. - Drizzle with honey and serve. [sc:adsense ] Apple Un-pie Serving Ideas!: - Serve warm over vanilla ice cream. - Chill and serve cold on a hot summer afternoon. - Make a large batch and … [Read more...]