Sexy Date Night Makeup

Whether you're going on a first date, a valentine's night out, or a wedding anniversary, you can ramp up the sexy factor with some playful eye makeup. Here's how to do eye makeup for two sexy date night looks. Pick either the cat eye or the gold smokey eye. Cat Eye Obviously this look is all about the eyeliner. The classic cat eye is usually done with black liquid liner, but there are variations depending on what's easier for you. Liquid Liner The easiest way to use liquid liner is to buy a liquid liner pen. Using a pen is already a natural movement. Now instead of scribbling on a notepad you're drawing an elegant swooping line. Start from the outside and draw in. Make the liner thicker on the wing, and thinner as you draw towards your inner eye. Try out: Maybelline Eye … [Read more...]

How To Create The Perfect Smokey Eye

Ah yes that age old question "how to do a smokey eye." As a makeup artist, it is the question I get asked most often. The smokey eye makeup look is the most asked for look in makeovers and special event appointments. You can perfect this sultry makeup look at home with some practice using these steps. Smokey eye how to: Step 1: prime and prep If you're going to put all this work into your smokey eye, your'e going to want it last all night. And you do not want it to crease. I highly recommend investing in an eye primer. You just need a bit, use your finger to blend it over the whole eye lid and up to the brow. At the very least, use your concealer so the eyeshadow has something to stick to. Step 2: eyeliner Use a kohl pencil to line around the whole eye into the lash line. … [Read more...]

How To: Vampire Halloween Makeup

Vampires are most definitely "in" right now. With shows like Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries you might be toying with the idea about becoming sporting a vampire costume for Halloween. There is a total spectrum of vampire looks from super sexy to super scary and now thanks to the popular TV shows, even human-like. Let's hit somewhere in between with this makeup look. You'll have your trick or treaters and friends applauding your effort with this step by step vampire makeup tutorial. Step 1: Complexion Two things are important in getting your complexion just right - paleness and translucency. Buy some white liquid Halloween face makeup to mix with your tinted moisturizer. Stay away from using full coverage foundation and stay away from a thick cream white face paint. Mix … [Read more...]

Four Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Here are four popular Halloween looks that you can do yourself at home. You've probably got most of the makeup you need somewhere in your makeup drawer already. Whether you're heading out to a Halloween party or you want to get festive to take the kids out, these looks have got you covered. Princess / Fairy Makeup   The princess and the fairy can kind of be the same look-ish. You want to go soft pink on the lips and on the cheeks. For the eyes use soft blue for the lid and frosty white for under the brow. Line the top of the eye with black and press it right into the lash line. The most important product for this look is shimmer. Recommended product: Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Shimmer Dust Mermaid Makeup     Again for this look, go easy on the cheeks and … [Read more...]

Summer Makeup: Waterproof and Water Resistant Makeup

It is hot out these days.  Hot with a capital H!  The summer time is always a great time to go au natural with your makeup choices.  But maybe you like giving yourself an extra pop of colour on the checks.  Or maybe you have another and another and another wedding to attend.  No matter what the reason, if you want to glam it up in the summer you will need to be armed with these waterproof and water resistant makeup products. First let's start with the difference between waterproof and water resistant.  Think of them in varying degrees of their can't-come-off-ness.  Waterproof is the most long wearing you're going to get.  If you are going to the pool or experiencing a summer down-pour at the weekly soccer match, you're going to need to go waterproof.  If you need your makeup to last … [Read more...]