7 Meals Baked in the Oven- A Week’s Worth of Dinners!

Before the weather gets too hot to fire up the oven, I'm going to share with y'all some of my favorite baked meals. This weeks dinners? They are planned! 1.) Cheesy Broccoli and Rice Casserole from What's Cookin' Chicago. 2.) Baked Gnocchi with Pesto from Easy Living. 3.) Cheesy Basil Stuffed Chicken Breasts from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. 1.)  Calzones (you can make them and freeze for later!) from the Kitchen for prepare-ahead meals. 2.)  Bubble-Up Enchiladas from Recipe Diaries for a scrumptious twist on a Mexican dinner classic.  3.)  Macaroni and Cheese from Ellie's New England Kitchen for the ultimate comfort food.  4.) Orzo-Stuffed Peppers from Handle the Heat for garden-fresh deliciousness. I'd love to see your fave oven-baked meals. Share them with us over on our … [Read more...]

8 Upcycled Tables

Love me some upcycling, y'all. And these tables are crazy clever. Best part? I definitely could create at least some of these in an afternoon. Now I just need to find a spare afternoon. There are styles for every home...from modern to traditional to funky and eclectic. Which is your favorite? 1.)  Industrial Coffee Tables by Giddy Upcycle. 2.) Box Side Table by Decor Simple. 3.)  Hand Painted Turquoise Teal Upcycled Table with Birds  by Meredith Brooks Etsy. 1.) Library Card File Drawers by The Painted Hive. 2.) Book Table found on Ebay (too bad it's sold!). 3.)  Vintage Pinball Machine by Custom Made. 1.) Upcycled Vintage Yardstick Table by DIY Cozy Home. 2.) Upcycled Chair to Side Table by The Happier Homemaker. Have an upcycled table you've created? Or are … [Read more...]

12 Delicious Sandwich Recipes

Sometimes what you need is a sandwich. Not a whipped together PB&J or bologna with mustard...but a delicious tower full of unexpected combinations and crunchy yumminess. It's amazing the flavors that can be created when the right ingredients and smooshed together between two pieces of bread. So for your inspiration, here are a few of my favorite sandwich recipes. 1.) Fried Chicken Sandwich with Slaw and Spicy Mayo by Epicurious. 2.) Roast Beef Baguette by Fourty0-Six at Grace. 3.) Copycat Panera Mediterranean Breakfast Sandwich by Foodtastic Mom.   1.)  BBQ Tempeh Sandwiches  by Oh My Veggies. 2.) Turkey Cobb Sandwich by Martha Stewart. 3.) Greek Salad Sandwich by Martha Stewart. 1.) Hummus-Veggie Sandwich on Whole Grain from My Recipes.  2.) Porc … [Read more...]

9 Delicious and Healthy Green Salads

I don't know about you, but at this time of year I start getting summer on my mind. Warm evenings, time with family and friends, and barbecued dinners. Lemonade on the front porch, naps in a hammock, and kids staying up way too late playing outside.  In other words, the good life. Summer to me also means lighter fare. Less pasta and heavy sauces and more crunchy vegetables and vinaigrettes.  Oh, sure...I love my salads with other savory yumminess like cheeses and nuts and warm chicken hot off the grill. But the health benefits of all of those veggies are still there.  The fact this healthier eating makes putting on those summer skirts and shorts a bit easier? A healthy, delicious bonus. So in anticipation of summer, I'm sharing with you some amazing salad recipes I can't wait to try. … [Read more...]

10 Recipes For Smoothies

Smoothies? Are the yum. I love starting my day with a delicious smoothie, chock full of fruits (and sometimes veggies!). I have smoothie recipes bookmarked for when we need extra vitamin C or a smoothie recipe for getting extra protein in our diets. My boys love them, too. (Okay, some more than others.)  Once one of my bigger boys asked if there was ice cream in his strawberry banana smoothie.  No, dear. That's the beauty of blending a bunch of delicious flavors together. It's a real treat.We also call that a motherhood win! Interested in some of my favorite smoothie recipes? Good! Because I've compiled ten of my favorite delicious and healthy smoothie recipe links just for YOU. Enjoy! 1.) Peach Cobbler Protein Shake by Dashing Dish. 2.) Healthy Protein Smoothies by Cooking … [Read more...]

12 Awesome Upcycled Pallet DIY Projects

Love upcycling? Me, too! Like the adorable wall art above; it's fun and rewarding to take what could be a throwaway object and morph it into a new, beautiful work of art. But old pallets and box crates can take on many lives...the things people make with them can be downright creative, functional and inspiring. You'd never suspect some of these gorgeous items used to hold huge bags of feed grain off of barn floors. Like what? See below! They look like a million bucks, but they are really incredibly creative re-purposing of wooden boxes and/or pallets. 1.)  DIY Rustic Pallet Coffee Table by the Wonder Forest. 2.)  Rolling Toy Box by Camelot Art Creations.  3.)  Pallet Wood Floating Shelves by Paint Speckled Pawprints. Chill outdoors in style. Pallet style.  1.)  Paracord Laced … [Read more...]