The Ultimate List of the Best Cupcakes EVER

Oh. The cupcake. The lovely, delicious, cupcake. That little hand-held cake just bursting with creamy, sweet goodness. LOVE. The. Cupcake. In honor of our friend the cupcake, I present to you some of the most beautious cupcakes I've come across recently. From elegant to whimsical to playful to just pain old gorgeous, I'm sure there are going to be a few here that will tickle your fancy. 1.)  Gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese filling by Ming Makes Cupcakes.  2.)  Coconut lime cupcakes by Cupcakes Garden. 3.) Sour cream fig cupcakes with cream cheese frosting by Ming Makes Cupcakes. 4.)   Chocolate cupcakes filled with blueberry cream by The Cupcake Daily Blog.  5.)  Adorable garden cupcakes by Small Bites. 6.)  Vanilla cupcakes with lemon filing and meringue frosting by … [Read more...]

How to Organize Your Home Like a Boss

Feel that warm air? That's spring, y'all (if you're not feeling it yet, you will soon, promise)! Get in the mood for spring cleaning and organizing by perusing these most awesome and inspiring organizational systems. There's something for everyone here. The get started organizing. Like. A. Boss. 1.) Clever caddy DIY idea from BHG.  2.) Upside-down shelves to organize your closet by Simplified Bee.  3.)  Shoe storage...or art? Zippy crown molding shoe rack by Living in a Nutshell.  4.) Most organized shed ever by BHG.  5.) Perfect way to organize your medicine shelf by Delightful Order. 6.)  Looking for a mini-remodel? Stash some drawers in between wall studs like this BHG bathroom. 7.) How about this chalkboard slash calendar? You won't forget an appointment with this … [Read more...]

10 Pureed Soups that You Will Love

Soup's on! The weather is chilly; for some reason that makes me crave yummy soups. Curling up with a steaming mug of soup, a snuggly blanket, and a good book...sounds pretty inviting, no? Let's make it even easier; pureed soup. Skip the silly spoon if you like, and just drink up your soup. Simpler clean-up, too! Look at that orange yumminess. Carrots and sweet potatoes? YES, please. In her recipe, Emma Eats suggests garnishing with bacon. BACON, y'all. *wipes away tear* She also has a cinnamon and maple syrup version. A girl after my own heart. Asparagus + potatoes + a few spices + milk = GET IN MAH BELLY. :) You can find the recipe here, over at Key Ingredient. Carrot ginger soup. It looks almost too pretty to eat, doesn't it? It's vegan, you can feel … [Read more...]

How to Decorate with Picture Frames

Picture Frames. We use picture frames  to display photos of loved ones, they surround the artwork on our walls, and perhaps a favorite drawing from the kids. But they can be so much more than that! Frames can be decor in and of themselves...and if you think outside of the box, you can really pack a huge design punch with them. Plus, you can pick them up at a second-hand store for next to nothing, so these looks don't have to break the bank! I love this look; frames of all different sizes and styles arranged beautifully. There are even a couple of empty ones in there, helping to balance the white space and making sure that the whole look doesn't get too busy. Great look from That Funky Boutique! I've always wanted to try this...hang artwork and frames from a bookshelf. … [Read more...]

Decorating with Vintage Cameras

In case you don't know this yet...I love photography. I also happen to love shopping at thrift stores. And who doesn't like prettying up their living quarters? Lookee what I found!  A way to combine all three...decorating with vintage cameras! Pure genius...vintage cameras turned into night lights by photographer Jason Hull.  How adorable are THEY? Well done! Clever, clever clever.  This tutorial explains how this wall art was created using vintage cameras and inexpensive frames. This decorator found inspiration in an advertisement and made it her own.  Vintage cameras displayed as accessories.  LOVE. How would you decorate with vintage cameras?   … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Find Bliss

Chocolate is a big deal around my house.  We love chocolate cake and this home-made chocolate frosting recipe from Rachel looks like the perfect way to top it in chocolatey goodness! I have to tell y’all — I’m not really a chocolate frosting person but this — this chocolate frosting with the subtle undertones of cinnamon and the creamy richness from the evaporated milk and real cocoa – ZOMG!!!!   YUM.  Thanks Rachel for sharing this great recipe. I can't wait to try it out! This time of year I spend a lot of time outside gardening and hanging out with my guys.  Teresa's Backyard Furniture post had so many great ideas for decorating and creating living spaces outside.  We especially love to use our outdoor fireplace.  Boys like fire.  It's a scientifically proven … [Read more...]