How To Make A Simple Household Binder

Having a household binder is a great way to keep everything that is going on in your home organized. You can keep whatever you like in your household binder. You should set up your binder to meet the needs of your household. What You Will Need: Binder Dividers Hole Punch Plastic Pouch Sharpie Labels  Step 1: Assemble your items together. On a separate sheet of paper write out the categories you want for your binder. Examples would be coupons, receipts, emergency phone numbers, babysitter info. etc. Once you have what you want for your categories you need to write them on the divider labels, or use a label maker to make the labels and adhere to the divider. Step 2: Print out your lists that you will be recording information on. I like to use free … [Read more...]

8 Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Pantry

Pantries are great, but it can be tough to keep a pantry organized. It is easy to pile up extra food that you think you may need someday and then forget what you already have because of the clutter. You may not have a separate pantry that was built with the house or apartment and you may be using a small cabinet or have a small area to house your food products. Whatever your situation, you can have a organized pantry area that works for you and your family. If you follow my tips to organize your pantry you will be well on your way to having an organized pantry that can serve the whole family. Purge before you start. Get rid of old cans and expired food. Group like items together. Create sections. (Ex. Cereals, Breakfast, Condiments, etc.) Take items out of bulky boxes … [Read more...]

My 10 Favorite Organizing Pinterest Boards

What is the hottest newcomer in social media right now? Pinterest! For some it has even become an addiction. I find myself in that last category as of late. I just love pinning things and sharing. It is a great way to get inspiration and ideas from others that you probably never would have thought of.  I love implementing what I have seen on some of the boards in my own home. Organization is no different. Below I share with you 10 of my favorite organizing Pinterest boards. I hope you find that they will become a favorite of yours as well. I would like to thank Liz Jenkins of A Fresh Space for sharing with me some of her favorites too. [imagebrowser id=29] … [Read more...]

Best Gift Ideas for Home Organization

The holidays are upon us and now is the time to shop for the best deals. Why not give the gift of organization with these great organizing gifts for kids all the way to adults. You will find something for everyone in this guide. Kids My top pick for kids this season is the Lego Tabletop Drawers. If you have ever stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night you know how much this is needed. It has 3 drawers and each drawer has two divided trays inside. You can find it at the Container Store but only during the Holiday season so you want to get on it now. Age: Kids of all ages with Legos to store and organize. Price: $49.00 Where to get it: The Container Store   Keeping in line with the Lego theme my next item is the Extra Large Lego Storage Brick. This is an extra large Lego … [Read more...]

5 Organization Tips For Your Workbench/Toolbox

Organizing your workbench will help you to improve your productivity tenfold. Having a place to put everything when you are done keeps you from accidentally purchasing duplicate items or always having to search for what is needed. Organization the workbench doesn't have to It doesn't have to be expensive either. Here are some quick organization tips to get your workbench and tool box in tip top shape. Make use of a peg board or slot board  above your workbench. A pegboard can provide you with excellent storage and hanging options when it comes to organizing your workbench tools. You can even outline the tool to help with you putting things back in their proper place when you are done. Having a peg board also lets you customize your hanging space and make adjustments as you get new … [Read more...]