Easy Entertaining: Mashed Potato Bar

One of the things I love about entertaining is being able to serve up great food to my favorite people, but I do not love the stress that goes along with entertaining. It took me a long time to learn how to enjoy my own parties because I spent more time in the kitchen than I did with my guests. Eventually, I learned to lighten up and serve foods that my guests could customize to suit their own tastes, which took a lot of stress off of me. One of my favorite foods to serve guests is mashed potatoes - they economical, easy, and pretty much everyone loves them, plus they're a great comfort food. When I throw a party, I love to set up a mashed potato bar, where I serve a scoop of mashed potatoes in a martini glass and then set up a buffet of toppings. I typically make my potatoes from … [Read more...]

Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Now that the summer months are upon us, your kids are home a lot more and, of course, they're always hungry. Healthy snacks are a must for keeping kids happy and active during the summer because they provide energy and prevent overeating. Healthy snacks also keep blood sugar levels on an even keel, which helps avoid the grumpiness that comes with a sudden drop in blood sugar. Here are some ideas to keep your kids satisfied and happy during the hot summer months. Keep Your Cool With Snack Choices I always keep fruit in the refrigerator for the kids. I don't know why but, cold fruit just tastes better, so keep plenty on hand.  My girls are big fans of watermelon, so I always keep a Tupper-ware container of watermelon in the refrigerator along with a bowl of plums in water. My girls … [Read more...]