The Power of the Consumer using Social Media

Image by ralphbijker Even if you don't run a business, own a website, or spend the majority of your awake time online like I do,  the majority of us share one particular quality in common. We are all consumers. We all have purchased products or services from large companies. As a consumer we all have a voice, but up until this point, our small voices have been drowned out by the extremely loud voices of these companies and their marketers. But, that is no longer the case. And do you know why? Because of social media. Yes, social media. Conversations between companies and consumers. This is awesome for us as consumers! Big companies are now realizing something that has always been the case - consumers are the real powers. Social Media is powerful. When you use this power for good … [Read more...]

20 Reasons Your Small Business should Use Social Media

Image by bd solis In my last post, I discussed different ways to use social media for personal and entertainment reasons.  I had explained how time-consuming social media activities could be, and that in order to not have your time sucked up, you need to select only the social media most conducive to your needs. This week, I want to talk about using social media for business purposes.  Women have a very strong presence on the internet, and many of us have small businesses we want to promote.  But before I get into what social media you should be using, I want to share the benefits of a business using social media. 20 Reasons Your Small Business should Use Social Media Branding - Create a recognizable identity for your product or service. This is extremely important for a small … [Read more...]