Paint Your Toes Pretty – Summer Pedicure Designs

Summer is upon us and our toes are ready for the sunlight! Or are they? Paint your toes pretty, girls! When choosing colors and patterns for this season, don't forget your feet. Try some of these pedicure designs and make your toes the talk of the (pool) party! I love the basic French tip pedi. It's clean and simple. But I also love spicing it up sometimes with some added color and bling. Notice how just a touch of a beautiful color makes a dramatic difference! And again, minimal color and design adds elegance to this French pedicure. Give your tips a little more sparkle with help from the above tutorial found on Or add just a single jewel to your fresh pedicure with tweezers and adhesive. If you want more color and design, check out this pink … [Read more...]

Sexy Updo Hairstyles for a Romantic Date Night

Tired of wearing your hair the same old way every single day? How about surprising your Valentine with a sexy updo on your next romantic night out? A little extra time spent on your new style may save Cupid an arrow. Did you know “The neck is the most sexual part of a woman's body, so exposing it is a subconscious way of flirting?” Try one of these easy styles to send a message to that special someone in your life. The Ponytail According to professional hairstylist, Kate, “There is a big difference between the "I'm going to the gym" ponytail, and The Ponytail.” In her video tutorial, Kate lists these steps to help you achieve perfection: Start with hair already styled with curling iron and product Use a jaw clip to secure a small section of hair at the crown to ensure a … [Read more...]

How to Clean Suede Shoes

Originally used for women’s gloves, suede is now a favorite among designers for clothing and accessories. And where it used to be thought of as only appropriate for cold or cooler temperatures, suede is now considered fashionable in any season. So, no need to pack up those suede shoes just yet! Suede these days has become a big player in Spring runway collections and now the appearance of suede in stores usually means that spring is right around the corner. One designer in particular has me drooling over his suede pumps. I was born for Italian luxury. I can feel it. And who could resist these blue suede shoes? (You were waiting for that, weren't you?) “Well, you can knock me down, step in my face, slander my name all over the place. Do anything that you want to … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Children’s Rooms – Checklists and Chore Charts

Spring can be a magical time. A time to open up the windows and let the fresh breeze sweep through the house taking with it cobwebs and dust bunnies and the stale aroma of winter. A time to fluff our aprons and twirl our brooms and sing joyfully as our home suddenly begins to sparkle and come alive like flowers bursting forth into this new season. Okay, maybe not, but a girl can dream. The thought of spring cleaning may not evoke sudden feelings of glee or excitement but it doesn’t have to be completely dreadful either. With a little creativity and effort (and a lot of grace), you may find that making your home sparkle and come alive can be more than just a fairytale. Avoid Stress  Make it teamwork. Be brave and allow your child to be part of the process. Keep it … [Read more...]