Kids’ Study Room Inspirations

{via Velvet & Linen} With our children back to school, our thoughts go to finding a great place for our children to do their homework and study.  Of course we would love for the space not only to encourage our children to do their best, but also a place that is lovely to look at. The study in the above picture is such a room, now if I had a study in my house like that I would never leave it. {picture via Better Homes & Garden} A small niche or closet makes a perfect study area. Things to incorporate in a good study area- Good lighting shelves for storage cork-board chalkboard study supplies fresh air- either from a window or fan comfortable chair good surface to spread papers out on. {picture via Pottery Barn} [sc:adsense ] Ideas for where … [Read more...]

Vintage Halloween

Halloween is approaching.  Are you  ready?  Chances are you have done what you planned to do to your home by now....but if not, here are a couple ideas that you could do fairly fast and with little cost. What about capturing a Ghost?  Here she teaches us how to capture Ghosts- or grab some sheets from your linen closet, throw them on your sofa....crazy fast way to add that "scary" feeling to a room. [sc:adsense ] Do you have any last minute ideas?  Would love to hear them. Pictures- ModVintage Life. … [Read more...]

Mudrooms – Entry Way Storage and Organization

{Better Homes and Gardens} Have you dreamed about a separate room to house all the coats, shoes, backpack, etc. etc. that your family brings home? I dream of a mudroom that looks fabulous but still meets all my families needs.  Mudrooms have become more than just a place to hang your coat.  What about adding a potting bench, desk or even a sewing machine. {Better Homes and Gardens} You can squeeze a practical mudroom into tiny spaces like: entryways Hallways closets Pantry or even a free standing Armoire Using the items you have like mirrors, hooks, baskets, and even a chair or bench.  Even  a tiny entry could do, by hanging a mirror, install a small shelf under the mirror and place a bench under the shelf with a basket under the bench.   Squeezing and stacking … [Read more...]

Mirror Dresser for $35

How you can get a fabulous mirrored dresser for $35 dollars. Here's what I did: Saved a mirror from bathroom redo. Received an old dresser for free. Had my local glass guy cut the mirror to fit, $20. Painted the dresser- Regent Metallic Silver base- from Ralph Lauren paints. Picked up some simple handles from the hardware store $15 Used liquid Nails Mirror adhesive to attach mirrors to dresser. Here are a few before pictures: This project was fairly simple.  Basically just some painting and gluing. {I left the mirror cutting to the professionals.} Here are a few tips- Take good measurements of the piece that you want mirrored. Don't be afraid to think out side of the box....I almost threw away that old mirror. Paint can do wonders for just … [Read more...]

The World’s Easiest Hanging Vase

Two used Mason jars Wire from the back of an old mirror. Silver handles from a used Bathroom fixture. Wrap the wire around the  lip of the Mason Jar, and twist it tight. String silver handle through. Fashion a loop at top- Hang from a screw. Add water and fresh flowers, and there you have it - the world's easiest hanging vase. Added bonus- totally "Green" didn't cost a dime. Look around your home, who knows you probably have things to fashion a hanging vase too. Happy Day … [Read more...]

Dining Table Remodel on a Budget – Before & After

With just a little work and very little money- {Under $50} you can have a totally new dining set. Sander Seal the Old Table - Step one Using a sander sealer, spray all the wood. I used the type in a spray can. Paint the Dining Table - Step two Paint. I used antique white. Cover the Old Dining Set Seats - Step three Cover the seats. I used one painters drop cloth from Home Depot. {Just unscrew seats from chairs- staple new fabric to seats} Rough Sand the Edges - Step four Sand the edges for a "shabby chic" look. Add a Protective Top Coat - Step five Top the table with a polyurethane if you like {if you are using a light colored paint make sure to buy the non-yellowing polyurethane.} And there you have it, a new dining set for under $50. … [Read more...]