DIY Green Crafts for Thanksgiving: Top Eco Craft Activities for Kids of All Ages

One of the best parts about celebrating Thanksgiving is that you can use the time to actually show kids how to be thankful for the bounty that the Earth offers us by doing fun crafts that can also do double duty as gifts and décor for a green and eco-friendly Thanksgiving celebration. Here are some fun and easy DIY Thanksgiving crafts that kids of all ages can do and enjoy: Create a Thanksgiving or Gratitude Box Bring the feeling of thankfulness alive by making a simple yet beautiful Thanksgiving box. Here’s what you’ll need: Empty cereal box or similar cardboard carton Sheet of solid colored or patterned paper to cover the cereal box Scrapbooking supplies: magazines pictures, old photos, greeting cards Scissors Glue Glitter and stickers And then, let’s make … [Read more...]

Seed Wedding Favors for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding favors are gifts for guests as a token of the bride and groom’s appreciation. Gifting plant seedlings, seeds or bulbs adds an eco touch to a wedding. Seed wedding favors reflect a bride and groom’s desire to give back to the environment on their most special day. In addition, plant seedlings symbolize the start of a new life and hence, make perfect favors. Here are some ideas for inexpensive yet meaningful green gifts for wedding guests. Seed Wedding Favors in Handmade, Eco Packages Gifting seedlings or seeds can be easy and simple since all one has to do is buy the desired seeds in bulk and then, present them to the wedding guests. And if the packaging is eco-friendly as well, it makes the wedding favor even more meaningful and special. You can choose from easily … [Read more...]