Have you seen the new Keurig MINI Plus? (with savings opportunity)

  By Heather Stewart More pencil, more books, more teacher's dirty looks—it's back to school! Or as my mom likes to call it, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Fair enough, but I know she'll miss my face in a few weeks! I'm starting my first day of junior year at my university in just a few days so this isn't my first rodeo. There are a few things about college life that I know to be VERY true: you live in cramped, drab quarters, and you have to endure quite a few late nights to hit the books.   Enter the Keurig MINI Plus Brewer. It is the big idea for your small space. I love this new brewing system and sampling all the different varieties of K-Cups. Plus, the bright pop of color is prettyyyy. I don't even have to leave my off-campus apartment to go get a fresh … [Read more...]

Sensitive Teeth? New Solution!

Do you have sensitive teeth? Don’t worry – you are not alone.  Over 60% (!) of Americans suffer from sensitive teeth.There are multiple triggers – sweet, hot, cold -  which cause discomfort for folks with this issue. Sensitive teeth become more of a problem as we age.  Gums recede and expose the dentin of the tooth - creating a direct pipeline to the nerves in your teeth (aka dental tubules).  There are lots of products on the market right now to help ease pain – mostly in the form of toothpastes.  They work by blocking the receptors in the tooth – block those pathways to keep the pain away. For those who have tried those products and not been satisfied, there’s good news.  I recently attended a product launch for Sensi-Stop. Crest has developed a new way to treat sensitive teeth; … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day from cardstore.com

This is my family. My mother gave birth to us four girls. She stayed at home and raised us while my father provided for the family. Together, she and my father shaped us into well-rounded and independent young women. I'm so thankful. I'm not sure how my mother managed to be such a wonderful mother of four children, but she did it with such grace and love. She taught me so many great lessons of how to take care of people and to be responsible, that becoming a mother myself has come easy for me. You see, I was the first grandbaby in my parents' families and I'm sure I got my fair share of loving. Being the first grandbaby, Liam is getting oodles of loving too.   I'm so thankful to have such young and loving parents who are now amazing grandparents to my son. That's why this Mother's Day, I … [Read more...]

Homeschool Math Game: Swimming Pool Math Toss

Take learning outdoors with this fun way to make math come alive.  That kiddie pool isn't just for wading any longer.  Make the pool your new classroom this afternoon! GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES Frisbees Sponges Marker Yes, it is actually that easy and simple.  Prep time is simple and minimal, too. CREATING YOUR GAME Cut your sponges into manageable sizes for little hands.  These sponges were cut in half and measured about 3x4 inches. Write numbers on the under side of the frisbees with the marker. Write numbers or math equations on the sponges.  I have children at varying math skill levels and this activity is perfect to combine interaction with all of the children, but still meet their individual levels. I made sure to write numbers (and equations) on the … [Read more...]

Earth Day Bento Boxes

Earth Day is the perfect day to celebrate bento boxes.  Just by using them we're helping our planet! The average school child generates 67 lbs of lunch packaging waste a year!   Can you imagine how much waste that is per school?  Per state?  That statistic is what originally earned my interest in bento boxes and greener, more earth-friendly lunchboxes.   Plus, you save a fortune by not having to purchase individually packaged snacks and juices.  They're cheaper and you get more when you buy in bulk. Here are three more fun bento box ideas for you in honor of Earth Day!  They're simple to make and the kids will love them.  The best thing about making bento box lunches is that the possibilities are endless and all you really need are some fun cookie cutters and a little … [Read more...]

Bento Box Lunches for Easter

Easter bento boxes are so much fun because there are so many fun things you can do.  Think carrots, eggs, bunnies, the possibilities are endless! This year we did this fun bento box lunch: The bunny's face is a turkey, ham and cheese sandwich. The eyes and nose are made from cheddar cheese and the whiskers are parsley stems. I made the ears from a regular cheese sandwich cut into strips and bent them into bunny ears. I laid the baby carrots on a bed of parsley and used.  The egg bunny was made by using an egg mold.  I use these egg design molds from Williams-Sonoma. Throw in some colorful jelly beans for a snack and you have the perfect Easter bento box lunch! [sc:adsense ] I didn't include this little peep in the bento box, but made it for a snack later on.  I … [Read more...]