Tips and Free Printables for your After School Routine

after school snack

I don’t know about yours, but my kid comes home from school starving! Before he can shut the door he’s probably asked “Where’s my snack?” or “What can I eat?” at least three times! He then races around the house like crazy looking for food. While this is going on, he throws his backpack, shoes and coat all over the kitchen. I’ve been trying to get him to calm down by putting snacks on the table ready for him to eat. But he scarfs that down in 2 seconds and the same wild scavenger hunt for food begins again.

To find a solution, I had him help me think of three things he needs to do when he comes in the door BEFORE he asks for a snack. This is what he came up with:

  1. Hang up his backpack and coat.
  2. Wash his hands.
  3. Get out his school work to show me.

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I then created this chart just as a reminder. I put it above his backpack hook by the back door. I’ve made this a free printable if you’d like to use it for your family. This makes a huge difference in our after school routine. Hope it helps you too!

(photo from MSN clip art)

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