Bento Box Lunches for Easter

Easter bento boxes are so much fun because there are so many fun things you can do.  Think carrots, eggs, bunnies, the possibilities are endless!

This year we did this fun bento box lunch:

    • The bunny’s face is a turkey, ham and cheese sandwich.
    • The eyes and nose are made from cheddar cheese and the whiskers are parsley stems.
    • I made the ears from a regular cheese sandwich cut into strips and bent them into bunny ears.
    • I laid the baby carrots on a bed of parsley and used.
    •  The egg bunny was made by using an egg mold.  I use these egg design molds from Williams-Sonoma.
    • Throw in some colorful jelly beans for a snack and you have the perfect Easter bento box lunch!

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I didn’t include this little peep in the bento box, but made it for a snack later on.  I just cut a regular slice of cheese and a piece of bread and added chocolate sprinkle eyes and cheddar cheese accents!

What do you think?