Fall Leaf Suncatcher Craft With Crayons – Kid Friendly DIY


Fall sun catcher leaf craft with melted crayons

Fall leaves from melted crayons.

I love fall and all the crafty possibilities associated with it. I saw a suncatcher craft at a preschool one day and adapted the craft for fall. I think Autumn or Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do this craft because the jewel tones of the crayons mirror the beautiful colors of fall.

To do this project you’ll need:

  • wax paper
  • crayon bits
  • a pencil sharpener
  • newspaper for protection
  • paper plates or dishes
  • a clothes iron

Such a fun and simple craft. I actually didn’t have a lot of crayon pieces in the right colors, so I used regular crayons in brown, green, red, orange-red, yellow, golden-yellow and orange colors.

Crayons, shavings, scissors, wax paper - easy craft for kids!

Crayons, shavings, scissors, wax paper – easy craft for kids!

With the pencil sharpener, sharpen or shave the crayon so that you get thin slices of the crayon. I separated the colors out into different dishes so my kids could pick and choose which colors they wanted.

Each child gets a piece of wax paper. We made ours as long as I felt each child would be able to handle with scissors once I folded the paper strip in half. Spread the crayon bits evenly around on the wax paper. They melt and spread out but not a whole lot so be sure to cover evenly.

Fold up the edges of the wax paper to help prevent any wax from dripping out when you iron it.

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