Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Now that the summer months are upon us, your kids are home a lot more and, of course, they’re always hungry. Healthy snacks are a must for keeping kids happy and active during the summer because they provide energy and prevent overeating. Healthy snacks also keep blood sugar levels on an even keel, which helps avoid the grumpiness that comes with a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Here are some ideas to keep your kids satisfied and happy during the hot summer months.

Keep Your Cool With Snack Choices

I always keep fruit in the refrigerator for the kids. I don’t know why but, cold fruit just tastes better, so keep plenty on hand.  My girls are big fans of watermelon, so I always keep a Tupper-ware container of watermelon in the refrigerator along with a bowl of plums in water.

My girls love grapes, so I keep some in the freezer to use in lieu of ice cubes.  Frozen grapes can also make a great impromptu dessert – just dip them in water, roll them in sugar, and freeze.

Save a few Bucks with Homemade Popsicles

A few years ago, I bought some popsicle molds and I keep them filled with the girls’ favorite fruit juices.  Why spend $4 on a box of sugar-laden popsicles when you can give your kids all-natural fruit pops for a fraction of the cost?  We also make fruit smoothies on the weekend and save some of the mix and freeze it, too.

Everything Tastes Better on a Stick

My girls are crazy about any kind of food that comes on a stick, so I like to make fruit shish-kebabs and keep those on hand.  You can get the skewers at your local dollar store and them stack with whatever fruit you have on hand. On special occasions, I offer chocolate sauce and ladyfingers or other cookies to complement the fruit.
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Finger Foods are a Good Thing

To avoid allowing your kitchen to become a 24-hour diner, keep snacks on hand that the kids can grab whenever the urge strikes. Bags of cut-up vegetables and meat and cheese cubes, as well as disposable cups of salad dressing (available at your local restaurant supply store), hard boiled eggs, yogurt cups/tubes, crackers, and muffins can help keep hunger at bay.

Mini Sandwiches to the Rescue

A playing kid is a hungry kid, and pinwheels are always a big hit. Simply lay out a tortilla and spread with your child’s favorite sandwich fillings – such as cream cheese, cheddar cheese, spinach, or ham – roll up tight and cut into slices. To make them even more special, you can secure the sandwiches with colored toothpicks.

Photo Credit: SportEyes

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