Make your own Flubber

Jessica from Lost Button Studio has a great tutorial on how to make your own flubberIf you have never made flubber with your kids you must!   It’s a cross between silly putty and slime and the kids love it!

I love that in her tutorial, she she lists the materials you need to make a Flubber kit.  What child wouldn’t love that for an Easter or birthday gift?

What do you think?



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    Thank you for letting me know about the Borax. I am looking into alternative product options and will post whatever info I find!

    Thanks again,
    Sylvia 🙂

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    one of the teachers i worked with used to love to make flubber and we and the kids loved to play with it. i don’t know if it contained borax or not, but now it just doesn’t sit right with me. i looked up borax on wikipedia and it says “Borax, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, is not acutely toxic. This does not mean that it is safe, merely that a significant dose of the chemical is needed to cause severe symptoms or death.” eeek, thanks for the info april!

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    Please advise your readers that borax is very toxic and has been banned throughout most of the European Union. The US has not banned the substance, but it is still very toxic. The project should be avoided, or mixed away from children by an adult. Even the final product can absorb into children’s skin so please be careful.