Paint Your Cookies!

Ready? Set? Paint your cookie! This is an easy and wonderful activity for kids; plus it provides a treat!

    • First, roll and cut prepared sugar cookie dough. Whether made from scratch or courtesy of the dough boy, roll 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick to provide a stable canvas.
    • Place sugar cookie shapes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Freeze at least 5 minutes. This will help keep the dough firm thru the decorating process.
    • Combine egg yolks with a couple drops water in small bowls. Add food coloring until desired color – this part is a wonderful learning opportunity! Explain the color wheel and take the dying process step-by-step. For example: “The yolk is yellow. If we add red, what will be the new color?” “Remember, red and yellow make orange!”
    • Have fun ‘painting’ the cookies {with new brushes!} then bake according to the dough’s directions – the ‘paint’ will darken and stick to the cookies!

Note: Be careful with the yolks as they are raw. Once baked though, they are perfectly safe!

This idea was also shared at Frosting with a Cause – a wonderful blogging endeavor to fight cancer and find a cure!

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