Preschool Crafts You Can Do Indoors

With summer in full force and the heat index quickly rising, sometimes it is hard to find ways to keep young children occupied when it is just too hot to go outside. Here is a quick round up of ten easy to do preschool crafts to keep your little ones happy and amused.

Top Ten Crafts To Do With Preschoolers and Young Children

  1. ABC and 123 Place-mats for Kids
  2. Tracing Cookie Cutter Project
  3. Creating a Telescope
  4. Paint Your Own Peg Dolls
  5. How To Make A Terrarium
  6. Recycling Crayon Bits Into New Crafts
  7. How To Make Marble Magnets
  8. Make A Picnic Blanket in Ten Easy Steps
  9. Paint Your Cookies!
  10. Make a Simple Canvas Book Bag

What activities do you do with your preschoolers to keep them occupied during the hot summer months? Share your ideas in the comments and happy crafting!

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