Recycling Crayon Bits Into New Crafts

I don’t know about you, but my favorite craft projects are those which are easy, quick, fun, and you use materials that you would otherwise throw away. Looking at my daughter’s collection of very used and broken crayons (and I swear there were about hundred and fifty of them) I was on the verge of throwing them all away and getting new crayons.  Then I remembered the good ol’ days of my childhood when my mom would let us melt down our old, broken crayons to make new, fun crayons.

Taking one afternoon (during nap time and while I watched an episode of the latest series I’m into) I took the crayons and matched up colors that I liked together (seriously this was one of my favorite parts). I put together greens and oranges, reds and purples, greens and purples – I seriously felt like a master artist.

After removing all the annoying paper covers, I chopped the crayons in small chunks and put them in a cupcake tray (on second thought I probably would have put cupcake liners down first instead of just putting the color bits straight into the pan. My pan is now prettily multicolored).

I set my oven on the lowest setting possible (170 degrees) and put the crayons in to melt. This took forever. I put them in around 3ish and they still weren’t completely melted by 5 (when it was time to start dinner). I upped the temp to around 250 degrees, which apparently was to hot – my crayons started bubbling. It did finish them off quickly, however, the tops of my crayons are a little milky. So, stay patient. They will eventually melt.

When they were finally finished melting, I put them in the freezer for quick hardening. Surprisingly this only took about half an hour.

When they are finished hardening, they pop out of the cake pans fairly easy (if you do use cupcake liners, after hardening you would just peel off the paper).

I love what the colors ended up looking like. Your tops will be a little one color, but never fear, the bottoms are a pure bliss of beautiful colors. And to think, I was just going to throw away the old crayons! I really want to collect old, broken crayons now and make so many more of these. Even better, my daughter loves them too! They are great for coloring and apparently stacking too!

What do you think?