Thumb Print Flowers – Crafts for kids 2 years and older

Thumb Print Flowers

Summer may be fading quickly away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create reminders of sunnier, warmer days. With help from these cute Thumb Print Flowers, each as unique as your child, it will feel like summer year round.


  • Colored construction paper
  • Stamp pads (washable) or paint
  • Pipe cleaners, green
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher


Cut various flower shapes out of the construction paper. Make them as large or as small as you want, or create a variety of different shapes and sizes for a fun bouquet. Punch a hole in the middle of each flower.

Let your kids go crazy adding thumb (and finger) prints on each flower. Use as many or as few colors as you want.

Once the flowers have dried, create a pipe cleaner “stem”. Thread the pipe clean through the hole in the middle of the flower, bend to for a knot to keep the flower in place.

Arrange flower sin a very special vase on your dinning room table.

More Ideas

Add glitter, stickers or create leaves to add to the stems

What do you think?