UrthBox: Healthy Food, Snack Subscription

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I feel the Urth move, under my feet…

Snack time – for this gluten-sensitive mama, it’s a no-pleasure experience opening the pantry or snack cabinet in search of something to satisfy. Sometimes I’m seeking sweet. Sometimes it’s salty or savory. But almost all of the time I have to dig through an array of kid options, hoping that somewhere behind the pretzels, crackers and cheese puffs (I know, but these are organic!) there might be a treat for me.

Do I sound a little whiney? Probably. I get that way when I’m hungry.Blissfullydomestic_UrthBox review

Enter the monthly gift of Urthbox – a treasure trove of non-GMO, organic full-size goodies to delight the palate and not screw with a gluten-free diet! (In addition to Gluten-Free, they offer Diet, Classic & Vegan box options!)

And try as I might to keep this lovely assortment squirreled away from the prying hands of the under-6 set in my house, sure enough, there was plenty to tempt them too! You can bet the next box will head to the office – in fact, I’m thinking a 3-month subscription would be a perfect gift for my office mates…

Feast your eyes!UrthBox_Blissfullydomestic01

Here are a few of the standout from the August box:


You Love Fruit Leather

Excited to see this as a “new arrival” at my local Fairway Market!

UrthBox_Blissfullydomestic review

Gorilly Goods

Those “raw fruit & nut things” went so fast I couldn’t even get a photo. YUM!

UrthBox review Blissfullydomestic

Mamma Chia – Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack

I don’t know how “vitalized” I felt after this, but knowing I got an Omega-3 punch and a little sweetness hit the spot as I endured the weekend drive around with the boys.


Urthbox is a great addition to the monthly subscription box trend – one that allows you to indulge and still stay true to what feel right – supporting products made with the health of the body and planet as top priorities.


Have you tried UrthBox?   We would love to know what your favorite Food Subscriptions are currently or in the past as Gifts or for yourself.  Please tell us.


(Disclosure: I did receive this wonderful sample fromUrthbox, but all opinions are my own, naturally. Blissfully Domestic uses affiliate links in some of our content including this post.)

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