10 Cleaning hacks to make your life easier

Oh, how I love to clean my house all day.  Said no parent ever.  Most days I don’t even pick up the house until the kids are in bed.  It’s useless to try to clean while they are still pulling out toys.  I am always on the lookout for quick and easy ways to clean the house though.  Or hacks as they are sometimes called.  And I’ve found some good ones!  Here are 10 cleaning hacks to make your life easier.

10 cleaning hacks to make life easier

1. Use pillow cases to clean your ceiling fans.  How smart is that?!  I hate all the dust that falls when I try and clean the fans.  Real Simple has the perfect solution for us!

2. Do you have a toy of little toys in your house toy?  Wash them in a laundry bag!  That’s what Gettin’ by did and I think it’s genius!

3. Hate cleaning your tiled shower?  Try this homemade grout cleaner from Practically Functional!  It’s perfect for getting stuck on grime that just needs to go.

4. This cleaning hack is just plain awesome.  Want clean windows for MONTHS?  Check out the easy solution from blessed beyond crazy.


5.  Need a cleaning job the kids can help with?  Have them try this baseboard cleaning hack that Passions for savings swears by!


6. We have dogs and love them to death. Their hair all over everything?  Not so much!  But with this easy hack from Real Simple, getting rid of all that pet hair will not be a problem!


7. Scratches, wear and water stains be gone with this DIY wood repair fix!  Domestic Bliss Squared shares the secret formula to get rid of unsightly marks on real wood furniture.

8. I bet every parent needs this magical carpet cleaner from “Lizzy Writes” on hand.  You know, just in case!


9. This is another one that every parent needs to know – how to clean Sharpie marker off the walls.  Again, just in case but you will be glad you know about this cleaning hack eventually.

10. DIY fridge mats.  We have had these in our fridge for years and they make cleaning so easy.  Plus, they are pretty too!

What’s your go-to cleaning hack?

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