Cheers to a Healthy Immune System in 2017 Thanks to Ultimate Flora!

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Do you have a New Year’s resolution? It’s that time of year when I start to think of what I can do better and accomplish in the new year. My top resolution is to get healthy inside and out! I’ve ended the year with one cold after another. A lingering cough has kept me up at night for weeks! As a mom, I don’t have time to get sick! I’m ready to try anything and everything to stay healthy in 2017.


Thanks to Renew Life, I was excited to receive a FREE supply of their Extra Care Ultimate FLORA Probiotic vitamins to sample. A perfect opportunity to help me in my mission to stay healthy over the holidays and come up with a plan for 2017!

The supplement selections in the store can be a bit overwhelming. What should I take? How much? What affects the immune system? Why? How? I’ve been reading up on this topic and discovered that some supplements are designed to target the “gut” – the core of your body’s overall healthy, and well-being. and found all sorts of useful information on digestive health and how that plays a key role in staying healthy. You too can learn more by visiting


For 2017, I’m ready to change my lifestyle and focus on my “gut”! ☺ It’s amazing that this part of your body can affect your entire body, including immunity, digestion and more. In fact, according to the company RewnewLife, 70% of the immune system is located in the intestinal tract, therefore, maintaining your gut healthy is a key part of maintaining your overall health. WOW! Who would have known?


Just one supplement a day will help your digestive system stay strong over the winter months and ensure the restoration of good bacteria. Why is that important? A supplement that delivers good bacteria will protect you from all those bad bacteria that cause your digestive and immune system to fail. That hopefully means protecting you from the nasty colds and coughs of 2017!

So how am I feeling so far? My lingering cold and cough are finally gone. My “gut” feels great! ☺ Yes, it seems that the daily injection of the unique potent multi-strain formula of Ultimate Flora Probiotic is taking me to a healthy path for 2017. Thank you!

Want to try Ultimate Flora Probiotic? Enter below to win a 4-month supply of Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics 30 Billion (ARV $80)! They’re giving away FOUR prize packs to help jump start your 2017 New Year’s resolutions. Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below!
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Life Probiotics is also available at health food stores and major retailers, including Target and Walmart.


Bring it on 2017! – My family and I are ready for more! Exercise, a daily dose of RenewLife vitamins, healthy meals and more.

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Renew Life Probiotics

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