5 Things you can do to make this your most Organized Holiday ever!


This is a follow up to our popular Organized Thanksgiving Post. Preparing ahead of time allows you to slow down & enjoy the busy holiday season. Let us help you navigate through the next few hectic weeks…

Coordinate your Calendar(s)!

Update the family calendar for the next two months.

Add all dates to your family calendar necessary over the next two months:

  • Class Parties
  • School Concerts
  • Church Services / Pageants
  • Family Gatherings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Holiday Parties
  • Office Gatherings

This is absolutely crucial to maintaining any sense of order at all during the holidays. Be sure sit down to dinner with your family soon so that you can go over these dates and double-check that you haven’t forgotten about anyone’s particular event. It’s also crucial to maintain only ONE calendar so that everyone is working from the same information. Multiple calendars allow for confusion & double booking which are two things you don’t want in your life especially during the holidays!


Make a List, and Check it Twice

Click here to download the Christmas ListHanukah Gift List

Make a list of all miscellaneous gifts, don’t forget:

Purchase some of these gifts throughout the year so that you are ahead of the game when the Holidays approach. I also suggest that you give out these “smaller” gifts earlier in the season so that they can be enjoyed throughout rather than waiting until closer to the Holiday(s) themselves. It’s also fun to receive gifts throughout December rather than right before leaving for a break or up to the actual Holiday itself. Spread out the love & notice how happy you are as you take the time to enjoy the spirit of giving.


Say Cheese!

Take your holiday photo & order your cards soon if you haven’t already.  Try a different background this year!

Some suggestions:

  • Parks
  • The Beach
  • Porch Steps
  • School Playground
  • Your favorite sports location

It’s always a GREAT feeling when you know you’ve got a good “Holiday Photo”.  Gather your family (don’t forget the pets) and snap away. Sometimes the best photos are the ones that aren’t “staged”… lighten up and show how much fun you have with your family this year.  You will be so happy when you have your cards ordered (and likely delivered) prior to Thanksgiving, yippee!


Update your Holiday Card Mailing List


Pull out last year’s holiday card list; make any changes:

  • New Address
  • Name Change
  • Additions
  • Family Additions

Don’t forget to look through any school, church or volunteer organization directories for any names you would like to add!

This is a great activity to do when you’ve just poured yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and you have some time to focus on this part of the Holidays.  Be sure to have your computer nearby so that you can update from last years “new addresses” or make some calls/send emails so that you know you are using the most up to date addresses for your Holiday correspondence.



Buy Holiday Stamps

Go to the post office and purchase holiday stamps (before they run out!). I waited too long to get my stamps a few years ago and was really bummed out as I put my boring “regular” stamps on my cards a few weeks later… just get them today (or order them online at USPS.com) and you’ll be all set!



Sit back & enjoy some Black Friday Shopping!

Be ready for some holiday deals & take advantage of the many free shipping opportunities & order your gifts online. I haven’t set foot in a mall to do my Holiday shopping in well over a decade & I don’t miss it one bit. Make your life even easier & have your gifts shipped directly to the recipient, give yourself a break whenever possible, it’s okay!




Be sure to check out our awesome gift ideas in the following blog posts:

Talk with family members about possible gift ideas during Thanksgiving weekend & add the list to your Holiday file or notebook.


There is no perfect recipe for the Holidays, but it’s important to embrace the opportunity to dress up your house, table, kids & yourself. Thinking ahead makes a huge difference & it’s a big time (and energy) saver. Don’t set yourself up for failure this year, pace yourself & don’t say “yes” to everything either. Take your time, light a candle, smell the fresh pine & take the kids to see Santa. There is no arguing that there is a special spirit during the season so get out there and enjoy!

What other checklists and pages do you consider a must in Holiday Planning for your home?  Do you have a checklist that you use again and again? We would love to know what works best for you year after year? In the meantime here are a few more FREE Downloads, enjoy!

Thank you list

Letter to Santa




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