9 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Every Father’s Day I tell myself a few weeks beforehand that I’m going to do something really special for my husband with the kids. And every year I run out of time and do nothing. I’m guessing I’m not alone in my annual shortcoming. So, this year I’ve gathered some really great ideas that we can do with the kids to show Dad how special he is on his special day, Father’s Day!

9 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - photo gift idea!
/1/ This photo idea from Freckle Photo is totally do-able! You won’t even have to dress the kids up or find the perfect location. Use a marker to write “We {heart} Daddy” or “Our Daddy Rocks”, step back and take a photo Dad is sure to love!

9 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Dessert Hamburger and French Fries for dad
/2/ My husband loves playing practical jokes on our kids. I just know that they will LOVE tricking Daddy with these hamburgers and french fries that are really a sweet treat. Shhhh…

9 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Duct-taped King. I love this! Such a cute idea!
/3/ How often does your husband use duct tape to make a repair? Is it his go-to “tool”? If you answered “YES” to either question then this idea is perfect for the kids to make for Dad! After all, he’s the Duct Tape King!

Gift in a Jar for Father's Day - one of 9 DIY gift ideas!
/4/ Do you have a dad with a sweet tooth? Or, is he just “One Sweet Pop”? This gift-in-a-jar is filled with all things POP. Think POPcorn and Ring POPs. Dad is going to love it!

Grilling Craft for Father's Day - one of 9 DIY gift ideas!
/5/ You could make this DIY King of the Grill apron with felt {as shown}, fabric markers or acrylic paints. Whichever method you choose it’s sure to be Dad’s new favorite grilling accessory.

Father's Day car wash kit - one of 9 DIY gift ideas!
/6/ What man doesn’t love washing his own car? There’s a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes along with the shine at the end of drying. Gather the goodies to make a bucket of car washing supplies so Dad will have them all in one place next time he wants to drive down the road in sparkle and shine.

Father's Day Star Wars fan - one of 9 DIY gift ideas!
/7/ Calling all Star Wars fans!!! Create a Father’s Day snack bag that has cool items like, Yoda Soda and Boba Gum. Maybe you can talk Dad into sharing his Wookie Cookies.

DIY Father's Day Award Ribbon Pizza - one of 9 DIY gift ideas!
/8/ Surprise Dad at dinner by presenting him with this amazing, edible award ribbon announcing he’s #1!

Commuter's Gift Kit - one of 9 DIY gift ideas!
/9/ Does Dad travel a lot? As much as you hate to see him go and, as much as he hates to be away from his family, send him away with this Commuter Kit. It’s filled with everything Dad needs while on the road. Add a few surprises that are special to him, too!

Also available is our free “Fathers Day printable and Quotes” for Dad.

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