A New Album From Gwen Stefani – REVIEW

A New Album From Gwen Stefani – Review by Tulasi Sundaresh

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Gwen Stefani’s new album, “This Is What the Truth Feels Like”, is a collection of amazing, dance-worthy songs that tell a story and allow the audience to have fun. Her pop sound and her smooth, recognizable alto voice rings through in these unique tracks, each one more catchy than the one before. As an experienced music mogul, Stefani knows just how to create timeless hits that will not only pull at the heartstrings of her audience but have them singing and dancing along the entire time. Her experience and raw talent bring a sense of professionalism and musicality that isn’t present in a lot of other pop music.

Personally, I have been listening to Gwen Stefani’s catchy ballads and dance tracks since junior high. I have since matured and Stefani’s music has as well. Any day, you can catch me dancing around my bedroom to “Misery”, one of my favorites off the album. We all hoped that was a sight abandoned years ago, but Stefani’s music brings out a carefree side to her listeners. Check out the video below:

Another one of my favorites off of the album was Stefani’s collaboration with Fetty Wap, “Asking 4 It”. The clash between her sultry, poppy sound and Fetty Wap’s unprecedented voice and hip hop feel was an unexpected twist to the album. Although skeptical that their voices and styles would blend, I was proven wrong the minute the song began and their talent shone through and coordinated flawlessly. The exceptional duo brought a freshness and a more edgy beat to the album, proving that Stefani is not confined to just pop.

“Truth”, a more emotional song on the album, is another one I’ve been blasting religiously anytime I can. Stefani showcases her talent and beautiful voice in this real, raw ballad. But, unlike other emotional songs, there is still a strong beat that is conducive to the one-of-a-kind pop feel that Stefani has cultivated throughout her entire career.

All in all, Gwen Stefani created an exceptional piece of art in itself with “This Is What the Truth Feels Like”. It is a fun, pop album that brings a fresh, new angle to the genre.

Check out the album and follow Gwen Stefani’s outstanding career on all her social media below:

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Listen to her songs here: Gwen Stafani, and let us know what you think?

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