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I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Vaseline® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

Skating Kit

Winter. Every year I tell myself I’m going to embrace it, get out there and really enjoy this season.  But then it gets cold.  Really cold. The other aspect of winter I just don’t like?  Dry skin.  For years I kept various lotions and creams in my drawer at work.  It would happen, the tightness, the hangnails, the cracking skin.  Feet, hands, all over – ughh.

When One2One Network offered me a chance to try Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, I was intrigued.  This lotion includes Micro droplets of Vaseline jelly – since I have been known to slather my hands in Vaseline jelly and wear gloves to beat the dry skin – this formula sounded great to me.

Vaseline Intensive Care is available at CVS stores nationwide.  Even better, for a good sized 10oz bottle, the MSRP is just $4.99!

One of the winter activities I enjoy is ice skating. It’s fun to go with friends and skate while you catch up and have fun. Even though I’m an indoor ice rink kind of skater, it’s still cold out there on the ice and I knew this would be a great way to see how Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion could help my hands stay moisturized even in tough cold weather conditions.

By the way, Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Advanced Repair Fragrance Free is clinically proven to heal dry skin in just 5 days!

So how did it hold up? I took a test of my dry skin before trying the product.


Test strips to see how dry my skin is.

Test strips to see how dry my skin is.

Test strips were provided to do both Before and After tests.

Trying it out.

Trying it out.

Careful application to inner arm  – and yep – diagnosis is dry skin.


"Before" results - Dry Skin

“Before” results – Dry Skin

I applied the Vaseline Intensive Care – my best description is that it feels “soft”.  There really is no greasy feel – even with those Vaseline microbeads.  Plus no scent – that’s something I really like. Scents can tend to be a bit overwhelming in the winter.


Skating is a great winter sport for everyone!

Skating is a great winter sport for everyone!

Off to skating – a fun event for the whole family. Kids and cousins had a great time.  Are you an ice skater? If not, it’s not to late to learn how.  Don’t worry – everyone at a public skate expects to see at least one skater clinging to the side of the rink and it won’t be long until you are out on the ice on your own.

There is usually great music and people having fun – with indoors rinks, it’s a winter sport that even people in the warm climates can enjoy!

Post skating it was time to try the “After” test.

Just looking at this picture I see a difference from "Before"

Just looking at this picture I see a difference from “Before”

Look at this!  The After test shows even in the cold dry air in the rink – success!

"After" results

“After” results

Look at the comparison of Before and After.

Wow - even with just one application there's a difference!

Wow – even with just one application there’s a difference!


I know I’ve found my new Winter (and beyond) moisturizer.  Great price, great results – give it a try!



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