7 DIY Fire Pits You Can Build

7 DIY Fire Pits You Can Create

It’s s’mores season! That yummy, sweet, crunchy, ooey-gooey treat that has made many a childhood memory. Summer evenings are made for s’mores. When the temperatures begin to dip, it’s time for melting marshmallows over an open flame…getting them ready to smoosh up next to a chocolate bar in-between graham crackers. OH THE YUM. Don’t have a fireplace or regular access to a bonfire? How about a fire pit? There are many commercially available at hardware stores, but why not consider building your own? We’ve got seven great DIY projects, from simple to complex; all would be awesome s’more-makers.

In-Ground fire pit with organic perimeter

In-ground fire pit with a gorgeous organic perimeter. Tutorial by Laura Catherine. 

DIY Concrete bowl fire pit tutorial

Concrete fire pit bowl tutorial by eHow. Would be great in a modern or rustic setting.

DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

Lovely tabletop fire pit by the Art of Doing Stuff.  Made with a metal planter and other inexpensive items, this entire thing only cost $25 to make. Sign me up!

Eco-friendly smokeless planter fire pit

DIY eco-friendly fire pit by Fine Craft Guild. No smoke means no guilt.


Permanent fire pit in the backyard

Ready to build something more permanent and solid?  This cast stone with natural stone cap fire pit by This Old House is a serious project that will bring years of enjoyment.

Gorgeous In-Ground and Permanent Fire Pit

Maybe want something a little less labor-intensive and pricy but just as permanent? This gorgeous permanent fire pit by Bridgeman will fit the bill.

Metal Square DIY fire pit for a modern flare

Looking for something more modern? This metal square fire pit by The Brick House is unique and dramatic. Fire up the welder! Do you have a firepit?  Share photos of it-or the s’mores you cooked over it- on our Facebook page!

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    Creating a backyard fire pit is such a fun addition to any home. Using concrete to create your own unique pit can be a fun and rewarding project for any homeowner. These are all really great options!

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    These firepits are beautiful! We absolutely love using ours well into the Fall too – a great way to unplug & just enjoy being outside & away from the TV, computers, etc!