Finding Magic on a Leprechaun Hunt {an Outdoor Game for Kids}

One of my favorite parts of having a two year old is exploring the world through her eyes. Everything is new, oh-so exciting and I know that I am building in fun traditions with her. Those memories she will have forever!

st patrick's day outdoor game for kids

Every holiday has its charm, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! This year, Izzy and I decided to head out into the woods to see if we couldn’t find a leprechaun, or at least his treasure!  Having your own Leprechaun Adventure is easy, and an affordable alternative to throwing a party. You and the little’s can get out, explore nature and by the time you’re done with your aventure, a nap will be in order!  Exercise AND a tuckered out kiddo-sign me up!

For our adventure, we chose a selection of green and gold coins and a fun pot. Since everyone knows that the pot of gold is always at the end of the rainbow we picked up rainbow streamers. Lastly, Izzy found some incredibly stylish St Patty’s Day accessories, so we threw those in  the basket, too. How could I resist? This Suessian child of mine is adorable!

Next, head out to your leprechaun stomping ground!  Depending on how old your kiddos are, you can either set things up in advance and “stumble” upon the riches, or if they are still tiny like Izzy, you can set up as you walk, pointing out different plants and critters you find. This is what made this so much fun, we could spot the new growth nettles (ouch-don’t touch!!), and see what the silly squirrels were up to!  Even walking in the woods is an adventure in itself!  I had a lot of fun talking with Izzy about the holiday and making up stories about “Larry”, our Leprechaun. We hid coins and the pot of gold in various places, as well as little trinkets. It also helps to remember where you put everything, so you don’t spend too much time hunting it all down (a-hem, like I might have done).

outdoor games for kids and preschool

magic leprechaun hunt for st patricks day

finding magic with preschoolers for st patricks day

Now, the fun part! Let the kiddos roam, helping to guide them to where you placed everything. The little ones definitely get excited as you do. Izzy was proud when she pried her pot of gold from a tree!  The last step?  We followed a rainbow down a tree, all the way to the last pot of gold!



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Finding leprechauns is exciting and sometimes dirty work!!  Here’s to you finding fun ways to celebrate all of the holidays!  What are your favorite ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with your family?

What do you think?