I tried Nioxin Scalp Treatment for 30 days – A Review

I participated in this product review as part of a campaign with One2One Network. All opinions are my own.


Let’s just start off with this. I have fine hair. It’s not thin, it’s fine. Luckily scientists out there have decided no one HAS to live with fine hair anymore. Bonus? If your hair is thinning (it happens people) the scientists worked out something for you too. It’s NIOXIN.

The name is very clinical, but the results? Let’s find out.

I agreed to try NIOXIN for 30 days – with a kit tailor made to my hair and my needs – It’s not a one size fits all, so please be sure you pick up the right product. As easy on-line quiz determined I was a 3. The kit comes complete with Cleanser, Scalp Treatment (conditioner) and Scalp Treatment.

The complete kit.

The complete kit.


Here’s a before:


Day One. I’m a little bit scared to use this product. Is it like Rogain? Is it going to be weird? Am I going to have an adverse reaction and my hair all fall out? Deep breath and leap of faith.

The shampoo (cleanser) is very minty and feels a bit tingly on my scalp. The conditioner is similar and while I wash my hair I think – is this going to make hair grow on my back when it’s rinsed off? The theme here is definately tingly.

Once out of the shower – it’s time to apply the scalp treatment. Here’s the problem – there’s not really any good instructions about how much I should be using. Shake well and apply to scalp. Leave in. That’s it. More worry – will this make my hair look greasy? Deep breath and leap of faith. I apply to my scalp all over with about 8 squirts (I later find out this is correct)and rub in.

20 minutes later – I feel my scalp. Your scalp is not something you really think about unless it itches or has a tingly feeling like mine does now. Something is happening. This must be the point my hair either falls out or Nioxin makes me look like Farrah Fawcett in the 70s.

30 minutes later – no more tingle. Hair – in tact. All good.

I continue to use Nioxin everytime I wash my hair, after 2 weeks there were a few things I noticed.

First – I wasn’t worried about any weird results.

Second – a benefit – the shampoo made made my hair cleaner than any other traditional shampoo I’ve used. I actually felt I could go longer between washings – and with all the press I’m seeing about how bad it is to wash your hair everyday, – that’s a really good thing!

On the downside – my hair can be a little dry on the ends while I’m using the Nioxin – the “conditioner”. I decide I’m not using enough and up the amount I apply. Much better.

Ok and then it happens. Week 3. I’m looking in the mirror – brushing my hair and then I see these little hairs on the top of my head. It’s like you’ve cut parts of your hair down to an inch long and I realize – I haven’t cut my hair – that’s hair that’s growing! WOW

I hope you can see it in this photo – these are baby hairs, but they are there and as they continue to grow – they should bulk out the rest of my hair.


So what do I think?

At the end of 30 days:

  • I have become less sensitive to the tingling aspect of Nioxin.
  • I see small baby hairs growing in addition to the longer hair.
  • My hair is cleaner between washings.
  • My hair feels fuller and looks so longer.

Are you intrigued? Would you like to try Nioxin?

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Really. Try it. You have nothing to lose, and hair to gain.



What do you think?



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    I too have fine hair. Nioxine 4 was recommended by my hairdresser, and at the time they were offering a full money back guarantee. Nothing to lose then?! I had the treatment first, which strips the hair and scalp of all the chemical build up from shampoos and conditioners (apparantly). The initial treatment was free with the purchase of the kit. The treatment was left on for 30 minutes and felt tingly, refreshingly tingly. Rinsed out, nioxine shampoo and conditioner and hand dried. The scalp whatsit was put on before styling. I didnt like it – my hair felt a bit tacky. I was disappionted . I washed it the following day and applied the scalp whatsit. Again, didnt like it. Felt tacky. I persevered but next time i did not use the scalp whatsit. LOVED IT. My hair has never looked or felt so healthy and silky . Within weeks people were commenting on how great it looked. 4 weeks i went for a cut and my hair dresser showed me some new growth!!
    I’m never going to have a lushous head of hair but I have never felt so great about my hair – ever!!!. That alone is enough to convince me to continue with the brand – but not the scalp whatsit.
    It gets 5 stars from me

    • 2
      Avatar Kim Andrade says

      I don’t like the step 3 stuff either. My hair feels great after shampoo and conditioning but the 3rd step stuff is awful. So bad that I had to rinse it out. I hope the stuff works without the 3rd step because I refuse to use it.