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(Sponsored)  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears Home Appliances.  All opinions are our own. choosing a new appliance for your kitchen

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when she must buy new appliances. I know, the whole thought of replacing an appliance that has essentially become your best kitchen friend can seem daunting. Tracking PixelThe refrigerator? It’s kept all your fruits, veggies, leftovers, and kids’ juices nice and cold over the years. The range? It’s cooked countless meals, both on its stovetop and in its oven. You can say it single-handedly fed your kids…nah, you still want to take credit for that. The dishwasher? Now, this is my best friend in the kitchen. Without her, my dishes would be piled to the kitchen ceiling. Not joking, I loathe hand washing my dishes. I have a large family, its my excuse. And, guess what, my dishwasher is dying. She stopped properly washing dishes quite some time ago. We basically have to wash our dishes by hand {the horror} before we even put them in the dishwasher, and then we start it. Really? What’s the point in that? I’m here today to tell you that it does NOT have to be a daunting process when looking for new appliances. Sears Home Appliances and Services to the rescue!

My husband and I have been all over town looking for the perfect, new dishwasher for our home. And we’ve done a bit of searching online. The couple in the video below remind me of us. I’m sure we aren’t alone.

When I went into Sears Home Appliances and Services, I wasn’t sure we’d find what we were looking for. But, after telling Donna, our Blue Service Crew Specialist, what we were most looking for in a new dishwasher, she took over in finding us the perfect one. Our requests were simple. We want our new dishwasher to be super quiet, have the buttons on the top, not on the front, where our two-year-old can play with them, and we wanted it to be black in color. We told her we would also like it to wash well, which may seem like a given, and we would like an extended warranty. After hearing that we’ve been all over town and were beginning to feel defeated, Donna didn’t want to overwhelm us with choices. She found us two options that best fit our needs and requests.

choosing a new appliance for your kitchen

The one on the left is a GE Appliances 24″ Built-in Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Interior and Hidden Controls. This baby will hold every dish my family of seven puts inside after a family dinner! The one on the right is a Kenmore 24″ Built-in Dishwasher with Powerwave Spray Arm — Cleans From Every Direction. Remember, I said I wanted clean dishes each time? Donna listened! Now, the hard part, choosing which one we will buy.

Have you worked with the House Experts at Sears?  What appliances have you chosen?

**I am participating in an Influencer campaign for the Sears brand. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with xSears and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.



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